On Saturday, President Trump addressed thousands of conservative students from around the country at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida.

FreedomWire was on site all weekend and attended the President’s speech.

The president was introduced to the crowd by legendary talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh fired up the students by urging them not to believe in the “climate change hoax,” and he encouraged them to continue to defend Trump’s record. He said that “it should be easy” to defend the president’s record of successes.

Then, after Limbaugh’s introduction, Trump took the stage. The reception he got was deafening, complete with a standing ovation and several minutes of cheers and applause. The students in attendance clearly love this president.

Throughout the speech, President Trump spoke in his typical style, remaining true to form throughout. He relishes speaking to a raucous crowd of supporters, and he can hold the attention of a room full of people better than any speaker I have ever seen. He, as always, had the crowd hanging on his every word and an hour flew by in no time.

As is usually the case, a big part of the draw of a Trump speech is his unpredictability.

For example, at one point in the speech, the president began to riff on windmill farms. He said, “I never understood windmills very much. I have studied it better than anybody. I know it is very expensive. They are made in China and Germany mostly, very few made here, almost none, but they are manufactured, tremendous—if you are into this—tremendous fumes and gasses are spewing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world, right?

He went on to talk about how the windmills are essentially bird graveyards because of all the birds that are killed by flying into windmills. He put particular emphasis on the fact that windmills kill many bald eagles. “After a certain number, they make you turn the windmill off, that is true. By the way, they make you turn it off. And yet, if you killed one, they put you in jail. That is OK. But why is it OK for windmills to destroy the bird population?”

Trump then discussed the various colors of windmills, including a moment of poking fun at himself by saying that his “favorite color is orange.”

The man missed his true calling: stand-up comedy. He had to settle for president of the United States, but he seems to be doing pretty well there too.

The first half of his speech was a typical Trump stump speech. He talked at length about his accomplishments and how he is putting “America first.”

He briefly touched on the recent impeachment vote, and in a very memorable moment, Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) walked on stage and presented the president with a red card that he used to vote “no” on impeachment.

Trump touted the confirmation of 13 new judges to the federal courts and the recent increase in funding for the military. He highlighted the strength of the American economy and the recent trade deals he made with China, Canada, and Mexico.

The president then turned to the Democrat field of potential opponents, and he admitted who he wanted to run against. Predictably, he said that he wanted Joe Biden to win the DNC nomination because he would be unable to hold up to scrutiny over his dealings with Ukraine.

Trump then listed his border security successes, including beginning the construction of a wall along the southern border. He took aim at the few remaining “Never Trumpers,” calling them the “dumbest human beings” on earth. (Tell us how you really feel, Mr. President!)

However, the president saved the best part of his speech for last. Proving that he definitely knew his audience, he spent some time speaking directly to the young conservatives in the crowd.

He highlighted the plight many conservative students face on high school and college campuses. These students are nothing less than brave for having to defend themselves from the radical Leftists on their campuses. Trump invited two female students onto the stage—one from North Carolina State and the other from Binghamton University—who were harassed by far-Left protesters on campus, and he allowed them both to speak for a few moments.

Trump finished by reminding the students that there has never been “a better time to be young in America.”

It is hard to argue with that by looking at the economic numbers.

It was great to see the president take such an interest in young conservatives, and they clearly were thankful for his appearance.

This weekend, the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit brought together future conservative leaders from across the country. They are bright and impressive young students.

If they are the future of the movement, then the Republican party is in good hands.