President Trump’s accomplishments are already lightyears ahead of what any other president has gotten done during their first term, but he refuses to stop there. The president officially made new promises to the American people that he intends to keep in his second term if he is re-elected in November.

While detailing his second term agenda during his latest campaign rally in Salem, North Carolina, President Trump said he will provide the solution to one the biggest civil rights issues of our time: school choice. He vowed that if re-elected, he would enable all American parents and children to have access to school choice within the next four years.

“In a second term, I’ll provide school choice for every parent in America,” the president promised. “We’ll also take good care of our teachers, our teachers are very, very important to me,” he added.

The president is doubling down on keeping school choice as a central issue to his “Keep America Great” campaign. This comes shortly after his nomination acceptance speech at the RNC Convention, in which he first vowed that in his next term he intends to “expand charter schools and provide school choice to every family in America. And we will always treat our teachers with the tremendous respect they deserve.”

During that same speech, Trump slammed the Democrats’ opposition to school choice: “Biden also vowed to oppose School Choice and close down Charter Schools, ripping away the ladder of opportunity for Black and Hispanic children,” the president warned.

The only reason why Joe Biden or any political entity would want to hinder families from choosing the school that best fits their needs is because they want to maintain a stranglehold on the system and what children are being taught. School choice greatly reduces their control over both education and the communities at large because it promotes competition between schools and expands opportunities for low-income families.

In short, achieving school choice is a win for families and a complete loss for the Left.

This is what is so inspiring about Trump’s campaign. While the Democrats are sending a pessimistic message of a hopeless, institutionally flawed America that is beyond repair, Trump is giving Americans hope for the future.

Everyone admits that America has had a rocky past, but what the Democrats are missing is that people want to move on with their lives. We don’t want to live in a perpetual state of race-baiting and fear-mongering. We don’t want to live under threats of total anarchy every time the Left decides that it’s advantageous for them.

President Trump and the Republicans understand that what Americans do want is peace and prosperity. To achieve that, they are working toward real progress in that direction, not backward in the name of “progress” like the Left is.

Also outlined in the president’s second term agenda are decreasing dependency on China, turning America into “the manufacturing superpower,” ending sanctuary cities, and increasing funding for law enforcement.

The difference between Trump’s agenda and Biden’s is that every one of the president’s stated goals are fresh ideas that translate into a better future for everyday Americans. They are not the same old tired agenda items that the GOP has been using for years or that they use to rile people up. Furthermore, they are promises that we know President Trump will keep.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for Biden’s agenda.

In fact, there’s almost nothing to say about the Democrats’ 2020 platform because not even they know what their goals are. Every top Democrat legislator has a different answer for what the most important agenda item is.

If you ask Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, “It’s guns… That’s my biggest concern,” she said in an interview, whereas Senator Dick Durbin says Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer are in agreement with him that immigration is the most important issue. “They’ve all said it’s first up,” The Hill reports.

Others say that healthcare and paid family leave are at the top of the list.

Biden himself hasn’t made any definitive vow on what his goals will be exactly. That is, if you exclude mandating a national lockdown and face mask-wearing, which his VP running mate Kamala Harris has already somewhat walked back.

It’s clear that the Democrats don’t know what they’re fighting for. The ideas they have listed, such as gun control, open borders, and universal healthcare, have already been exhausted by failed candidate Hillary Clinton and former president Barack Obama.

When are they going to understand that the American people are actively rejecting the progressive Left?

We want innovative ideas that move our country forward and only Trump seems to be in touch with that. His 2021 America First agenda, including school choice, law and order, and increased manufacturing independence, is only gaining in popularity with the people. With less than 60 days to election day, there is no way the Democrats can gain enough ground to pose a viable threat to Trump’s pro-America campaign.

And we’ll be all the better for it.