The mainstream media doesn’t want you to hear this – and I say that not as a talking point, but because they blatantly refuse to report on what I’m about to say.

The president has spent the last four years, but most notably the whole of 2020, taking on Big Pharma like no one ever before – yet the mainstream media, excluding local syndicates and U.S. News and World Report, will not even mention it.

Try checking Fox News, CNN, or ABC News. You won’t find it there.

But fortunately, you’ll find it here on FreedomWire.

President Trump held a press conference on Friday afternoon to announce two new orders that will finalize his “Most Favored Nation” policy on prescription drug prices.

“The unprecedented reforms we’re completing today are the direct result of the historic drug pricing executive orders I signed in July. Statutorily, we had to go through a very long process, and we got it done,” the president revealed.

Trump announced that his administration is finalizing rules requiring federally-funded health centers to pass drug company discounts on insulin and EpiPen, “the prices will come way down.”

He also stated that they have “capped insulin costs for many seniors at just $35 dollars a month, saving them an average of nearly $500 dollars to $1000 dollars a year, just on insulin.”

The president addressed the unfair prices pharmaceutical companies charge the people, announcing that he is requiring Medicare to return prescription drug discounts or “rebates” to the people – instead of allowing the middlemen to keep it.

He maintained that this could result in 30%, 40%, 50%, or even 60% savings for the American people.

The president said to further address, “this unfairness and to lower prices for Americans, we’re finalizing the Most Favored Nation rule,” which ties what pharmaceutical companies charge Americans to the lower prices given to other advanced countries.

On January 1st, 2022, Big Pharma will become Fair Pharma and will price-gouge Americans no longer.

This is a major feat accomplished by the Trump Administration that is disgracefully going UNREPORTED by the enemy of the people – the media.

They don’t want Americans to know the truth that President Trump has been fighting for them all along. They want us to instead accept their narrative that he was a narcissistic, Hitler-like president that was simply fooling the people into giving him power.

The truth is that every single action he has taken while in office has only served to help the American people – not the establishment and not the powers that be who have owned this country for far too long. Thankfully, so long as he is in office, he will continue fighting for us without a single regard for what is in the best interest of industries like Big Pharma – or anyone else for that matter.