On Saturday night, President Trump returned to rally action, hosting his first “Make America Great Again” rally since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The media immediately seized on the crowd size (which was smaller than expected), and overall were true to form in their usual criticisms of the president

The Associated Press reported, “Trump [did not] mention George Floyd, the African American man whose death at the hands of Minnesota police late last month sparked a national uprising over police brutality. But he did add new fuel to the nation’s culture wars, defending Confederate statues while making racist references to the coronavirus, which originated in China and which he called ‘Kung Flu.’ He also said Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, who came to the US as a refugee, ‘would like to make the government of our country just like the country from where she came, Somalia.’

The president appeared to trivialize the virus, ‘Testing is a double-edged sword,’ he told the rally. ‘We’ve tested now 25 million people. It’s probably 20 million people more than anybody else. Germany’s done a lot. South Korea’s done a lot. Here’s the bad part: When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people. You’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please!’”

The Left-wing Guardian reported that “He also mused that COVID-19 has many different names, including the racist term ‘Kung Flu.’ The crowd cheered.

It was a characteristic moment in a rambling speech that lasted nearly two hours but never caught fire. Trump offered few surprises, planting himself firmly on the side of law and order, lambasting the media and stoking division, hatred, and fear.”

If one thing is obvious from these reports, it’s that the Left can’t take a joke. Trump was clearly kidding when he talked about telling his staff to stop testing people for COVID-19 so as not to inflate the number of positive cases. The “Kung Flu” statement was also a joke meant to anger the Communists in China who covered up the virus which eventually spread to the rest of the world.

As far as Ilhan Omar is concerned, she is an American and deserves to be referred to as such. However, how could anyone deny that her policies and hateful anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric are a danger to this country? She clearly wants to tear down the foundations that have made this republic great. Could Trump have been more articulate when making this point? Yes. But is he a racist? No.

Overall, Trump spoke for one hour and forty minutes. Honestly, the speech was kind of all over the place, but that’s fairly normal for a Trump speech. The most effective moments were when Trump contrasted his record and policies with those of Biden, who is being used as a vessel for a far-Left agenda.

As always, Trump showed that he is a natural showman. Very few speakers can hold the attention of an audience for nearly two hours like Trump. His story reenacting the media’s overblown coverage of his walk down a ramp at West Point was comedy gold. I figured out why comedians don’t like Trump: He is funnier than they are!

The media is of course writing off his reelection chances even though it is only June and the election isn’t until November. Once Joe Biden comes out of his basement and has to face the electorate and go one-on-one with President Trump, those polls are bound to tighten up. It might not have been Trump’s best rally to-date, but it was hardly a sign of things to come. If it was only a month before the election, there may be cause to be concerned, but it’s only June. Everyone just take a deep breath. This is politics after all.

Things change real quick, especially in the era of Trump!