Rather than pandering for minority votes with empty promises like the Left does, the Trump administration is instead making massive strides for the black community, regardless of the cost.

However, when the Platinum Plan was announced over the weekend, what did we hear from the mainstream media? A few of the same desperate claims that Trump is a racist for implementing such a big investment…but mostly we heard crickets overall.

During a “Black Voices for Trump” campaign event in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, President Trump unveiled a comprehensive economic plan to uplift the black community by vowing significant investment.

At the event the president explained the Democrats who “have taken black voters for granted, they made you big promises before every election and then the moment they got to Washington, they abandoned you and they sold you out,” he criticized.

“And I’m here today to announce a brand-new plan to deliver more opportunity more security more fairness and more prosperity to black communities. We call it the Platinum Plan,” Trump announced.

Trump’s Platinum Plan, which has a price tag of $500 billion dollars, will create millions of jobs, increase opportunities, invest in businesses, continue criminal justice reform, and improve education.

Under the plan, Juneteenth, which celebrates the complete emancipation of slaves in America, would become a federal national holiday and make lynching a national hate crime. Additionally, it will also designate both the KKK and ANTIFA as Domestic Terror Organizations.

According to the Trump campaign, here is exactly how the Platinum Plan will accomplish improved prosperity in America’s Black communities.

  • Produce 3 million jobs in the Black community.
  • Create 500,000 new Black-owned businesses.
  • Increase access to capital in the Black community by almost $500 billion.
  • Create safer urban neighborhoods with higher policing standards.
  • Continue working on a Second Step Act.
  • Improve access to better education and job training opportunities.
  • Give black churches the ability to compete for federal resources for their community.
  • Bring better and tailored healthcare to address historic disparities.
  • Immigration policy that protects American jobs.
  • Advance homeownership opportunities.
  • Enhance financial literacy in the black community.
  • On-shoring manufacturing to advance jobs and develop opportunities for black-owned businesses.

The Platinum Plan is inarguably the biggest investment in Black communities of all time. No President or elected official has committed to a half-a-trillion-dollar economic plan for one of the most disenfranchised communities in America.

With this plan, Trump just further proved his dedication to improving the lives of all Americans, and he didn’t do it by yelling “Black Lives Matter” and promoting violence in the streets.

Instead, he did it by taking swift action to combat the issues the community faces, targeting the roots of the problems they experience, proving that calling for law and order and resolving issues in the black community are not mutually exclusive actions.

What America at large needs to realize is that we can have both, unlike the narrative the media and the Left would like to perpetuate. It’s blatantly untrue that the root of every problem is Trump and the only way to solve them is to get him out of office. That narrative is entirely false and hopefully, the president’s weekend action will prove to all people—but especially minorities—that we can make progress in America without turning on one another.