The Left has been obsessed with Donald Trump’s tax returns and personal and business financial accounting for years, despite the fact that the American people clearly don’t care about Trump’s taxes. If they did, they wouldn’t have elected Trump president after he refused to release them.

But, here we are, six years after he announced his run for president, and we’re still having to hear about investigations into Trump’s business dealings as his opponents search for a crime.

Obviously, if a crime did occur, then Trump should as a private citizen should be prosecuted. However, you can forgive me for being skeptical that two Democrats in New York investigating Trump are doing so with pure intentions of upholding the law.

Democrat New York State Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance are jointly investigating the Trump Organization for potential financial crimes.

The New York Times reported, “Donald J. Trump and his family came under increasing pressure from New York investigators after the attorney general’s office said Tuesday it was working alongside the Manhattan district attorney in an ongoing criminal fraud investigation…

The long-running criminal investigation by the Manhattan district attorney has focused on an array of potential financial crimes at the Trump Organization, including tax and bank-related fraud. In particular, the prosecutors are examining whether Mr. Trump’s company inflated the value of his properties to obtain favorable loans and lowered the values to reduce taxes.”

How many more investigations are going to be launched against Donald Trump? So far, every single one—and there have been many—has found nothing. Democrats are beginning to resemble the fable about the boy who cried wolf.

There was the Mueller investigation, which found zero evidence that Trump worked with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election. Then we got the ludicrous Ukraine impeachment inquiry (which began as a setup by Colonel Alexander Vindman). Most recently, there was the ongoing investigation into Trump’s supposed effort to bully Georgia’s Secretary of State into “finding” votes to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

And what do all those investigations have in common? They found nothing on Trump to convict him, even though his opponents have tried desperately to do so.

Donald Trump has been a business mogul since the 1970s — and his father was before him.

He has been in the national spotlight for decades. He has had many successes and failures, and he’s surrounded by financial experts who find ways to save him money. Welcome to capitalism.

It takes a level of guts to take chances in the economy to make a profit. Most business ventures don’t work out. Businesses fail all the time.

Trump wasn’t immune to failed endeavors. Trump Casino in Atlantic City and Trump Airlines were short-lived. His USFL football team failed when the league collapsed. He lost money on other apartment development projects.

But he also had massive successes. He was able to build the Trump brand into an internationally recognizable name. He essentially sold the rights to his name to developers, who now have the privilege of putting the TRUMP name on their high-rise buildings. He was also the host of a very successful TV show, “The Apprentice.”

And for all these reasons, the Left hates him. They have a constant need to punish success, and no one loves rubbing success in their faces more than Donald Trump.

And so, the witch hunt continues…