President Trump just stunned Democrats with a truly America-First foreign policy move regarding the Open Skies Treaty, while also winning in the Senate with the confirmation of a Republican Director of National Intelligence (DNI).

On Thursday, the Republican-majority Senate voted to confirm Texas Congressman and Trump loyalist John Ratcliffe as the new DNI, according to The Hill. Democrats and Republicans confirmed Ratcliffe in a split vote of 49-44, the most divided confirmation of a DNI ever. However, given the standards of the modern Left, this vote actually represents an amicably bipartisan effort.

A Surprisingly Easy Confirmation

The Senate Democrats could have gone the route of making things as hard as humanly possible like they’ve done in the past. Usually motivated by an opposition to all things Trump, their normal efforts sow division and slow things down for Republicans. They’ve typically done this in the past with dozens of Trump-confirmed judges, and the Kavanaugh confirmation stands as another notable example. However, this time, instead of delaying Ratcliffe’s confirmation, it was a top priority for Democrats to accelerate it prior to the Memorial Day Weekend recess.

Ratcliffe is set to replace the Acting DNI Richard Grenell, who is currently being hailed as a hero of the Right for exposing General Michael Flynn’s “unmaskers,” implicating Obama administration officials like Joe Biden, James Comey, and Denis McDonough.

As much as they hate Republicans, Democrats hate the idea of ruining the Obama legacy and revealing his efforts to overthrow a duly elected President even more. Elections are coming up and they can’t afford to take any more blows from officials like Grenell, who acts as if he has nothing to lose by declassifying information that could incriminate prominent Democrats. When that information might contradict Democrats’ claims that Trump committed impeachable crimes with Russia or Ukraine, they would apparently rather take a risk by confirming a new guy who might go easier on them.

Regardless of the Democrats’ desperate attempts to connect Trump to Russia while distancing themselves from allegations of illegal activity, Trump continues to disprove their accusations with bold foreign policy moves.

Open Skies Withdrawal Shocks Dems, Angers Russians

In the latest jab to the globalists, the Trump Administration announced on Thursday that the United States will be withdrawing from the 35-nation Open Skies Treaty within the next six months. The Open Skies Treaty allows unarmed surveillance flights to fly over member countries, with the goal of maintaining military transparency.

President Trump explained to reporters, “Russia didn’t adhere to the treaty. So, until they adhere, we will pull out.”

According to Reuters, the decision to leave the treaty comes after a six-month review, which found multiple violations by Russia. The violations include both restricting U.S. overflights and using their own overflights to identify attack points on U.S. soil in a potential time of war.

As can be imagined, Trump’s decision is not sitting well with the Russians or the Ukrainians, who both publicly oppose the move. Russia says they are not guilty of the violations, and Ukraine is concerned this could aggravate certain other countries still in the alliance.

But despite the international objections, this action clearly puts America first, protecting both our national security and our military interests. But beyond that, this is also not something that someone who colludes with Russia would do. Democrats have accused the president of being a Russian puppet since the day he was elected, alleging that he takes all his cues from Vladimir Putin himself. But it seems like, day by day, the Left’s narrative is falling apart. As they try to protect themselves, their efforts end up backfiring and just benefitting the Right even more.

Like Trump used to say at his campaign rallies, “We’re just going to keep winning and winning!” and it certainly seems to be holding true. No matter what happens, Trump keeps coming out on top as we head toward the 2020 election.

Let’s hope the trend continues.