Apparently in the hopes of promoting lockdowns forever, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its guidance this week to urge both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people to wear masks amid alleged case spikes in the coronavirus Delta variant.

The CDC on Tuesday revealed new guidance urging that all people wear masks in “public, indoor settings” in areas of the country that have “substantial” levels of virus transmission.

“Everyone,” including teachers, staff, and students, in K-12 schools is recommended to begin wearing masks again, also.

“This new science is worrisome and unfortunately warrants an update to our recommendations,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told reporters Tuesday, according to The Hill.

The CDC is backtracking guidance it issued just weeks ago recommending vaccinated people and those in a K-12 setting forgo face masks.

But former President Donald Trump weighed in on the CDC’s latest backpedaling on Tuesday night and vowed that Americans “won’t go back” to the old guidance in a statement from the Office of the Former President.

“We won’t go back. We won’t mask our children,” said Trump in one of his clearest statements opposing mask-wearing.

“Joe Biden and his Administration learned nothing from the last year,” he continued. “Brave Americans learned how to safely and responsibly live and fight back.”

“Don’t surrender to COVID. Don’t go back! Why do Democrats distrust the science? Don’t let this happen to our children or our Country,” Trump added.

Children, who are nearly immune to the most serious symptoms of COVID-19, are the least vulnerable demographic in the country. Recommending that they again wear masks is not in any way “following the science.”

Instead, it’s ignoring the fact that we still don’t know what kind of psychological effects the pandemic lockdown measures, including face mask-wearing, will have on developing children.

But the “experts” and the Left don’t care about anything outside of fear-mongering about the coronavirus. Democrats just can’t let go of the fact that the “pandemic” is over and it’s time to move on.