The Chinese Virus began in…well… China. Wuhan, China, to be precise. That’s why it can safely be called Wuhan Coronavirus. I guess now the media will accuse me of being xenophobic for correctly stating where the coronavirus originated. But that doesn’t make it any less true.

China is almost singlehandedly responsible for the spread of the virus, and the communist government deserves to be held accountable for the actions they took to cover up the spread of coronavirus.

Our country also has to take steps to make sure that we can produce essential medical equipment and drugs here in this country so we are not beholden to foreign powers next time there is a pandemic—and history shows us that something like this can and will happen again eventually.

President Trump took a major step in the right direction yesterday, coming to an agreement with a domestic pharmaceutical company in which the company agreed to produce much-needed medical products right here in the United States.

NBC News reported, “Seeking to secure the nation’s supply of critical medications, the Trump administration has signed a $354 million contract that would create the nation’s first strategic stockpile of key ingredients needed to make medicines.

The agreement was signed Monday with Phlow Corp., a generic drug maker based in Virginia. According to a news release to be made public Tuesday, the project will use federal funds from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority under the Department of Health and Human Services.

The goal is twofold: to enable the U.S. to manufacture essential drugs at risk of shortage and to create a reserve of active pharmaceutical ingredients to reduce the dependence on foreign suppliers.”

This was an important step in the right direction, and it will go a long way towards securing America’s interests during a time of crisis.

As I see it, there’s really only one way to improve on this deal. The Trump administration should try and make the playing field even by providing incentives for more companies to produce the essential ingredients rather than favoring just one company. I’m never a fan of the government picking winners and losers, and this is the perfect opportunity for the principles of a Free Market to take over.

However, I applaud Trump’s efforts to bring the medical supply chains back home to the USA. I wish more American businesses would do the same. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon.

Wall Street Journal reported that “From Popeyes to Walmart Inc., Tesla Inc. to Exxon Mobil Corp., companies are betting that the country’s long-term growth potential still outweighs the mounting case against further expansion—including geopolitical tensions and slowing growth. While the pandemic has spurred businesses to rethink supply chains to reduce dependency on China, companies that are producing in China for Chinese customers are bulking up their local presence.”

I am as big a defender of free-market capitalism, as you can see from just about any article I’ve ever written. However, in times like this, it’s more important to protect our national security, and that requires that we not be beholden to China for life-saving drugs and equipment. I have no problem with our government trying to entice essential suppliers and manufacturers away from China, making it worth their while to produce goods in this country, but we need to proceed with national security in mind.

It also would be worthwhile to encourage Silicon Valley giants to leave the Chinese mainland as well. Those companies have helped the Chinese Communist Party update their authoritarian surveillance infrastructure and that makes their people less free and our nation less safe.

It is time for China to feel the wrath of the American industrial might.