Despite being banned from nearly all big tech social media platforms and even internet service provider Comcast, far-Right activist and internet provocateur Laura Loomer won a massive victory in the Florida GOP primary race last night.

Loomer announced her win by more than a 17% margin against her Republican opponents in Florida’s 21st district during her campaign’s election watch party on Tuesday night in West Palm Beach, Florida. The event featured other fellow controversial members of “the banned,” including Milo Yiannopoulos, Roger Stone, and Gavin McInnes, all of whom spoke to congratulate her.

Laura Loomer (Center) with Milo Yiannopoulos (Left)


Since all the keynote speakers are permanently suspended from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms (some being banned from all of the above), here is a stream of Loomer’s full acceptance speech that was posted by an attendee on YouTube.

Loomer, who was endorsed by Congressman Matt Gaetz and Trump confidant Roger Stone about one week before her primary election, announced in her speech that GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called her to congratulate her for running a successful campaign, calling her a “political Rockstar.”

Also acknowledging the significance of Loomer’s win in his own home district (where Mar-a-Lago is located) was none other than President Trump himself.

The president congratulated the GOP’s rising star: “Great going Laura. You have a great chance against a Pelosi puppet!” he wrote on Twitter, in a slew of congratulatory remarks to Republican candidates.

The president also applauded Matt Gaetz for his successful endorsement of Loomer, stating, “Big win, Matt!”

Clearly, the president and Republicans are thrilled about Laura Loomer’s primary win, just as us everyday conservatives should be too. Like Trump’s favorite meme says, “In reality, they’re not after me, they’re after you” and that rings true in Loomer’s case too.

Big Tech comes after people like Trump and Loomer and others who are censored for standing up for what they believe because their outspokenness makes them easy targets. In one sense, censorship is an intimidation tactic that sends a message to the effect of “Don’t speak up, or this could happen to you.” But in another sense, it also shows the Big Tech behemoths aggressive hatred toward conservative values. So, an attack on Trump or Loomer, is really an attack on all conservatives.

Another reason why her win is so important is because, in a world where a significant amount of communicating, business, and advertising happens online, she won without any of it. Imagine being banned from social media, then having to resort to email and text, only to be blocked from using those methods too. Then, add coronavirus to the mix, making it nearly impossible to reach people in-person, and you have essentially no chance at getting your message out.

For her to win despite all of this is basically a nice slap in the face to Big Tech for thinking they can censor conservatives on a whim and control their message on internet platforms. However, now that Loomer has won the primary, she will go on to campaign against her Democrat challenger Lois Frankel who is a lifelong Democrat with deep roots in the West Palm Beach area. Heading toward the general election in November, Loomer’s campaign will be an important one to keep tabs on as the election cycle heats up.