President Trump once promised that he would cut two regulations for every one regulation former president Barack Obama imposed on American individuals and businesses. Not only has Trump delivered on this promise, but he continues to promote his administration’s regulation rollbacks in the interest of saving Americans money and increasing their freedom.

On Thursday, President Trump held an event on the White House South Lawn where he discussed his administration’s accomplishments in cutting regulations. The president urged the importance of continuing to do so in the future, as opposed to a detrimental Joe Biden presidency that would insist on choking the economy with added regulations.

In a campaign-style speech, Trump said, “We’re here today to celebrate and expand our historic campaign to rescue American workers from job-killing regulations.” Describing the effect deregulation has had on the American way of life, he praised the positive impacts such as cheaper goods, more choices, added jobs, and new businesses.

The president also slammed Biden, who he warns is a danger to America: “Our entire economy and our very way of life are threatened by Biden’s plans to transform our nation and subjugate our communities through the blunt-force instrument of federal regulation at a level that you haven’t even seen yet .”

Trump asserted that the Democrat hopeful will irreparably reverse deregulation efforts and add even more regulations on. He cautioned, “They want to bury our economy under suffocating, relentless landslides of Washington red tape like we had before I got here.”

Trump then went on full attack mode, specifying six ways Biden will destroy America’s livelihood. Biden would: re-enter the “job-killing” Paris climate accord, mandate net-zero emissions for new construction, eliminate carbon emissions in energy causing “economic evisceration,” implement the “crazy” Green New Deal, diminish suburbs by “eliminating single-family zoning,” and abolish cash bail “to tie the hands of our police departments.”

To demonstrate these points, sitting behind the president was a massive display of pickup trucks showing the night and day difference between a Trump presidency versus a Sleepy Joe win. A CBS reporter tweeted a photo and description of the display, “On South Lawn, WH seeks to make a political point by setting up a crane lifting the weights of regulation from the bed of a ‘red’ truck, while showing the burden of regulations weighing down a ‘blue’ truck.”

The choice is clear. If you want burdens lifted so you can have entrepreneurial freedom, increased personal wealth, and better job opportunities – vote red. If you want to be bogged down by regulations in the name of “climate change” and a complete overhaul of the American way of life – vote blue.

The White House released a statement backing up Trump’s points. It pointed out, first and foremost, that Trump has over-delivered on his promise to repeal Obama-era regulations, stating the president has successfully rolled back nearly eight regulations for every new one implemented. That’s almost QUADRUPLE what he promised his supporters in 2016.

The Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) believes the president’s “pro-growth approach” will result an average income rise of about $3100 per household annually. On the flip side, a former chief economist from the CEA implied that, if Biden-like measures were implemented, they would adversely primarily affect Americans who live at the bottom 20% of income distribution. So, contrary to Joe Biden’s pandering, his policies would make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The White House statement continues that, prior to the pandemic, Trump’s deregulatory actions lifted over 2 million Americans out of poverty and took 7 million Americans off of food stamps.

These are just the effects of Trump’s regulation rollback policy alone. This is not even counting all the other great accomplishments the Trump administration has achieved for this country, like lowering unemployment rates, making new trade deals, implementing criminal justice reform, creating opportunity zones, etc. If these successes aren’t reason enough to keep Trump in office, I don’t know what is. This administration has done historic things for all Americans, but especially for the working class, the poor, and minorities.