You’ve got to love social media, right?

Where else do you know of where somebody can express unique ideas, post picture of themselves living their “best lives” and show how much smarter or morally superior they are?

It can be nauseating at times…

At others, it can be gratifying.

Like when you get to put a liberal in their place. Those are the moments that make social media ALMOST tolerable.

Here’s a recent interaction I got to have with one of my liberal buddy’s even MORE liberal friend.

My friend, let’s call him Barry, posted an article by Patti Davis decrying how much she loathes Republicans and why she wishes they would stop using her father, Ronald Reagan, as a symbol of the what the party stands for.

Barry’s even MORE liberal friend, let’s call him Bernie — decided it was time to chime in.

Where the Fun Begins

Bernie: “Wow. Just wow. What will it take for the GOP cowards to stand up to evil like the rest of us….”

This was something I couldn’t let stand…

Evil? This guy paints conservatives with a rather LARGE paintbrush — and one so damning as calling the entire movement, and Trump, evil.

So I entered into a discussion with Bernie to set the record straight.

Sean: “I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat – I’ve voted for 4 democrats and 3 republicans in the presidential elections I was able to. My question is: What evil are you taking about? Because I haven’t seen any evil from Trump. And believe me – I’ve really looked.”

Bernie, being the helpful virtue signaler he is, decided to show me where he believes evil resides…

Bernie: “Evil? How about separating kids from their parents at the borders, Muslim ban, good ppl on both sides, Helsinki, obama not an american (birther)”

This was all I needed to hear — he gave me REAL examples to work with!

Thank you, Bernie!

That’s where I hit him with facts — and provided resource materials to go with.

A Carpet-Bombing of Truth

Sean: “K…, Bernie, let’s go 1 by 1…

1. Separating kids from their parents at the borders. it’s been PROVEN that cartels are using children to smuggle people and drugs into America. Proven. Which is why they’ve been instituting DNA tests at the border. However, even if this weren’t the case, Illegals are coming here… well, illegally. They are arrested and put into detention centers till their trial. If ANY American parent is caught doing criminal activity and has to go to jail and there is no next of kid to care for that child – that child is taken by Child Protective services until that parent can be freed. Not to mention – this was ALSO proven to have started under Obama. For reference here’s a story from a NON-politically leaning source:…/mexico-cartels-recruit…


2. Muslim ban – it wasn’t a ‘Muslim ban’ – it was a travel ban from countries that were PROVEN to house and protect radicalized jihadists and terrorists. How is it evil to keep American citizens safe from potential threats? That’s actually his job. The countries on the list were the SAME countries Obama had put on the list. For reference:…/were-7-nations-identified…/


3. Good people on both sides – that, again, was already proven to be a hoax. There were more people that came out to that protest than just neo-nazi’s and white nationalists. And that was what Trump was saying – here’s the whole conversation IN context.…/context-trumps-very-fine…/


4. Helsinki – it has now come out that the entire FBI investigation was started on the rumors of the Steele dossier. A piece of fiction commissioned by the Hillary campaign and the DNC. How can it be considered ‘evil’ that he wasn’t trusting the word of an organization that was investigation and persecuting him on a false flag. Oh, here’s the proof of who commissioned it:


5. Birther – how is evil to want the President of the US to PROVE he was an actual citizen when the constitution asks that he must be a ‘natural born’ citizen can hold the office. If you wonder where Trump got the idea – it came from Michelle Obama and Barack’s own brother. It was also reported by Hillary supporters and NPR that he was from Kenya. For reference:

Not ONE of these is an example of ‘evil’ – they’re all an example of Donald Trump being a solid American and/or doing his job as President.”


That was fun.

Obviously, he wasn’t able to come back with anything — so he ran away. I got no response from him — nor do I expect one.

Although, good ol’ Barry tried to defend him afterward with one of the weakest arguments I’ve ever heard:

Barry: “Sean, seeing as how the term ‘evil’ is a subjective construct based on a person’s own beliefs (typically in reference to a concept born from a religion), a person can call pretty much anything they want ‘evil’ as there is no objective manner of determining what is and is not ‘evil’.”

He’s right — and I told him so…

Sean: “Barry, I agree… However, I think in the general and conventional sense of the term – evil meaning an action taken to deliberately hurt somebody for your pleasure or personal gain – seems to be the agreed upon definition.”

I got nothing in return.


Because NOBODY can argue effectively against facts.

You can virtue signal till the cows come home — but you can’t defeat the undisputed truth of cold hard facts.

Sorry, libs!

Facts over feelings…

Every time.


“Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of your likes.”
― Jawaharlal Nehru