President Trump has recovered from a week-long stint of the coronavirus and he is BACK stronger than ever before…much to the Democrats’ dismay.

Although the Left would have liked the president to stay locked up in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center sick and afraid of the virus, Trump refuses to act or even look anything close to weak.

The president proved that he’s bouncing back on Monday night when he hopped right back on the campaign trail in Orlando after testing negative for the coronavirus just 22 days out from Election Day.

President Trump made his first appearance at a “Great American Comeback” campaign rally since his COVID-19 diagnosis in Sanford, Florida, where he showed the American people that we should not let fear of the virus control our lives.

This comes after the president recovered from the virus following his initial diagnosis late on Thursday, October 1st, just one day ahead of his original campaign rally which was scheduled in Sanford.

In the spirit of keeping promises and not letting his supporters down, the president chose the same location in the Orlando area for his comeback rally.

I was lucky enough to be there reporting on the historic moment on the campaign trail, and let me tell you, the energy at this rally was through the roof.

Upon his arrival, the president opened with remarks on the massive size of the rally and exclaimed, “It’s great to be back!” to which the crowd roared in excitement.

But what he said next was, in my opinion, the reason why Trump is the people’s president and why he will win re-election. “And I said to my people ‘We are going to take whatever the hell they gave me and we are going to distribute it around hospitals and everyone can have the same thing’” he proclaimed.

The president, who receives the best medical treatments in the world, wants to share the drugs and treatments that helped him recover from the virus with the entire American public. He doesn’t want to keep it away from us or push less effective alternatives on the people.

Aside from his hundreds of accomplishments and actions on behalf of regular Americans, his statement alone shows how transparent the president is. It also reflects how much he cares about the wellbeing of the American people and how strong of a leader he is.

While many lawmakers and officials in Washington D.C. revel in getting special treatment and being above the working class, President Trump does not treat himself any different than any other American.

People can criticize his character all day, but his actions are what make him worthy of re-election. That is what will get him re-elected to the White House on November 3rd.