Georgia voters sent a strong message to the Democrats and mainstream media this weekend, showing that their support for President Trump’s “America First” agenda is unwavering.

They refuse to just sit back and allow Leftists to subvert the results of the 2020 presidential election by committing widespread voter fraud.

Instead of cowering to the Democrats’ agenda of overthrowing a duly elected president, Georgians are going to continue fighting for Trump.

And that’s exactly what they told the president at the first rally Trump has held since Election Day.

During the Saturday night rally in Valdosta, Georgia, President Trump spoke to an audience of tens of thousands of loyal supporters who reject a potential Biden presidency.

While the Americans who attend Trump rallies are always exceptionally enthusiastic and fired up, this rally was unlike anything I’ve seen before—even on the campaign trail.

When President Trump stepped on stage in Georgia alongside First Lady Melania Trump, the crowd patriotically roared with excitement.

Shortly after the president began addressing the contested election, the crowd broke out chanting “Fight for Trump!” in the loudest cries I’ve ever heard at a rally.

To this, President Trump responded by saying he will never give up on the American people.

This is an unprecedented reaction from a crowd for any president in U.S. history—but beyond that, this was a pivotal moment in the fight against election fraud.

This night showed that President Trump, his family, and the conservative movement are more united than ever amid a concerted effort from the Left to overturn the election.

Additionally, the turnout puts new pressure on the GOP to do their jobs in investigating fraud claims on behalf of the constituents who elected them.

Over the past four weeks, the mainstream media, Democrats, and even some Republicans have been working hard to break the spirits of nearly 80 million Americans who voted for Trump.

They relentlessly try to make us believe that Joe Biden is president-elect despite the legal fact that he has not yet won 270 electoral votes to become president.

Democrats as well as Republicans keep pushing Trump to concede, regardless of the fact that it is within his legal rights to contest a grand total of one million examples of voter fraud found in the presidential election.

They continually mock Trump supporters, like Mike Lindell of MyPillow, who was accused of “spewing crazed lunacy.”

A million examples of hard evidence is not lunacy, it’s reality.

It’s not only President Trump’s right to ensure that we have free and fair elections, but it’s also his duty to pursue justice in the interest of all future elections.

Thankfully, as we saw in Georgia, the American people will continue fighting alongside President Trump. Although the other side has relentlessly attempted to convince us we have lost despite the facts showing otherwise, we will not stop working for the truth to prevail in this historic election.