It’s no secret that the college campuses of today have become havens for liberal groupthink.

For some reason, Leftist ideologies THRIVE at colleges and universities all across the nation…

Conservatives have become Public Enemy Number One to both the student body and faculty.

It’s hard to put a finger on what makes these centers for higher learning such breeding grounds for liberalism other than the bastardization of what these people consider “progressivism”.

It seems like they somehow believe the idea of fairness includes punishing success and work ethic while rewarding failure and laziness…

Which may be a “trickledown” effect of the faculty at these places. There’s a reason many of these educators get into the profession: they can’t hack it in the REAL world.

As the adage goes, “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” – and since these people rarely find success in the real world, they look down on and resent the people that do…

Conservative Bias In American Universities

Conservative students have been shunned and shamed into becoming the pariahs of college society.

So much so, in fact, that colleges were banning Christian and conservative student organizations from campus while allowing EVERY other kind of student group to exist – even atheist and communist groups.

A recent study has revealed that many conservative students feel the need to hide their conservative ideologies for fear of reprisals from both their fellow students and the staff.

But why?

Colleges are supposed to be where our youth are exposed to DIFFERENT ideas, not forced to become a part of the hive-mind mentality of Liberalism…

Which may be why Trump decided to make an executive order promoting free and open debate on college and university campuses.

Of course, school administrations can ignore this, but then they’d also be forfeiting federal funding…

Which they wouldn’t do because then they couldn’t live high on the hog anymore.

It was a good move by the president…

And the best part? It’s working.

Trump is already forcing college campuses to change their biased ways against conservative organizations…

And the University of Iowa is finding that out the hard way.

Fork It Over, Teach

A District Judge just ruled that the school’s officials must pay – out of their own pockets, not the university’s coffers – for discriminating against prominent Christian student group InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and called the university’s conduct “ludicrous” and “incredibly baffling”.

What’d they do?

School officials limited the group’s access to campus after being established for over 25 years, shut down their website, froze their bank account, and advertised that it was “defunct” for lack of student interest.

So they outright LIED and, in so doing, violated the group’s free speech and free exercise rights.

The fact that school officials are having to pay for this fine out of their own pockets will go a long way towards making sure this doesn’t happen again…

Once faculty, staff, and administration understand that they can be PERSONALLY responsible for their violations, attitudes will start changing quickly.

Nothing like a hefty fine to make you think twice about pushing your Leftist ideologies on the kids you hold power over.

Thank God that Trump brought this issue to the foreground.

Who knows how far they would have taken things if he hadn’t…


“Some people get an education without going to college. The rest get it after they get out.” ― Mark Twain