Have you seen the polls?

If you were to believe all the mainstream media’s pre-election polls, Biden is going to win the 2020 election in a landslide victory more lopsided than anything we’ve ever seen before.

In fact, there are some polls that have Biden winning as big as Hillary was expected to win in 2016 – and I’m sure you see the irony in that…

However, even if in the polls that closer, all have Biden winning by a HUGE margin.

But are we supposed to ignore our own eyes?

Are we to ignore the plethora of Trump signs adorning lawns in neighborhoods all over the country?

Should we overlook the parades that have been taking place in support of Trump, America, and the police?

Are we to ignore the caravan of THOUSANDS of cars, decked out with MAGA gear, driving around their town, and showing their support for President?

Do we pretend like we don’t see the THOUSANDS of people who show up to the Trump rallies? At those events, people don’t even fit inside the venues, forcing them to put up screens on the outside in order for everybody to see the president speak.

We Don’t Need Polls

Are we supposed to ignore the kind of enthusiasm we see for Trump at every turn?

Do we turn a blind eye to Biden’s growing number of gaffes?

Are we supposed to ignore the fact that Biden rallies end up having such a small turnout that they often don’t even bother showing the crowd?

It’s like they want us to buy this narrative that voters LOVE Joe so much that they’re more than willing to ignore all of Joe’s faults.

They casually overlook the fact that he used to hang out with known racists (Robert Byrd) and drafted a crime bill that put more people of color in jail than any crime bill since the Emancipation.

Joe is not good for America…

And the Left knows it.

There isn’t a sense of excitement for Biden. There’s only a drive to rid the White House of Donald Trump.

Their hate for the president is more powerful than their love for Creepy Joe…

And that’s why they’ll lose in November.

Because the fact is that while the Right doesn’t really like Creepy Joe, we don’t “hate” him to the point where we think he’s the leader of some evil empire…

Honestly, most of us feel sorry for him.

Hate Does NOT Win You Elections

There is no widespread “hate” for Biden. Just an enthusiasm from Trump that the Left can’t match.


While they’re begrudgingly getting aboard the Biden Buggy, all downtrodden and angry, we’re getting on the Trump Train – and man, what a freaking party!

Everybody is laughing, smiling, and having a good time…

We actually LIKE our candidate – which is easy to do because he has done a LOT for America.

The Left doesn’t really like Joe Biden…

They were left with him after all the dust settled, even though they could have had a much stronger opponent for the juggernaut we call Donald Trump.

So, they’re not happy about their guy, but we really like ours.

It’s why you couldn’t trust the polls in 2016…

And why you can’t trust them now.

We know who has the American people’s best interests at heart and who is simply an empty vessel for a dangerous Marxist ideology…

And we’ll make sure the world knows it on November 3rd.


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson