With just three and a half weeks until election day, the two presidential candidates are making their closing argument. President Trump has recovered from COVID and will be returning to the campaign trail, and Joe Biden has been leaving his basement more frequently.

The two men were set to have a town hall debate next week in Miami, but that debate is now effectively canceled after Trump flat-out refused to participate in a virtual debate.

The problem is that, all things considered, Trump needs the debates more than Biden does. The Real Clear Politics Average has Trump trailing Biden nationally by over 9 points and by 4.5% in the battleground states. He is trailing in states he should be winning like Iowa, Arizona, and is in a statistical tie in Georgia.

Yes, the battleground state polls were wrong in 2016, but outside of Wisconsin, Trump was within five points of Hillary in the rest of the battleground states. He trailed her by about 2.5 points nationally. This time Biden is up 9 points nationally. If that lead holds, it’s inconceivable that Trump could win enough electors.

However, it’s not game over yet. Trump made up a lot of ground in 2016 in the final month of the campaign, and he can do it again. He just needs to take the attention off of his personality and put the focus on the radical policies of the Biden and Harris ticket.

Vice President Mike Pence did an outstanding job during Wednesday night’s vice-presidential debate. He brought the far-Left record of Senator Harris and Joe Biden’s capitulation to the extreme Left to the forefront.

It is important that President Trump stays on-message and educates the American people on Biden’s radical policies and his lackluster record after being in Washington for 47 years.

Trump has a great record to run on, so instead of taking personal snipes at Biden, he needs to highlight his successful record.

Many Americans don’t like Trump’s brash style. Many of their concerns with the president are of a stylistic nature and not a substantive one. Yes, his frequent tweets often get him into trouble, and his way of speaking to others is often off-putting, but he has many policy-based accomplishments he can rattle off as he campaigns.

He can remind the American people of how successful he has been despite the Washington Swamp and the media’s efforts to take down his presidency. Trump should also reclaim the narrative from the Dems and media that he hasn’t handled the coronavirus pandemic properly. He has done everything in his power to get supplies to the states and has streamlined the process for a vaccine at a pace never accomplished in history.

Trump has an untapped market of potential voters who love this country but are afraid to speak out for fear of being torn to pieces by the angry mob. President Trump can speak to these people and say “I will be your voice.” Americans are sick of the violent mobs in the streets. This is a great country and millions of Americans want to protect it and don’t believe violence is the answer to any perceived ills in the country.

President Trump is capable of making up ground, but he is running out of time. We can only hope he catches up before it’s too late.