I come from the world of finance. As I began my career, I was brought up through the ranks of financial writing by men that had firmer grasps on money and how to make than I could ever hope to have—but without bragging, I’m no slouch myself.

After spending a decade in the industry, I learned a LOT. It’s also what shaped my politics more than anything, because I learned firsthand how intertwined politics and finances are.

They’re two sides of the same coin, and you really can’t have one without the other.

But the tightness of that bond wasn’t all that clear to me until 2016, when I found out how important it is to know the financial policies of any candidate – especially one that would be able to make the kinds of decisions that would impact MY life.

I didn’t realize how impactful Obama’s policies were until they slapped me right in the face and cost me my job.

It was lesson was a tough to learn sitting across the table from the SEC, but it was a lesson I learned nonetheless…and more importantly, it was a lesson I’ll never forget.

Obama Took His Frustrations Out On The Wrong People

Obama’s policies turned my once-successful business into a total bust through the overregulation of the stock market. Even though the people who were to blame for the financial environment were sitting in the offices of the very banks that were doing business with the federal government, Obama decided to go after the “little guys” instead.

My company and I were collateral damage for that small fish fry since we worked with the “little guys” that were barely making a dent in the wealth those in power have at their disposal.

However, after Obama left, Donald Trump did something spectacular.

He told his people from the get-go that, if they were going to introduce a new regulation, they would have to get rid of two first. The Trump administration wholeheartedly did so, actually bringing the average closer to four regulations axed for every new one.

It was this policy more than anything that helped unleash the American economy, making it the most profitable national economy that has ever existed. Thanks to these policies, Trump’s economy was booming

We were on fire…right up until the COVID panic took hold (which some say was manufactured in order to weaken Trump’s hold on the White House).

Shutting down the country took a HUGE bite out of our GDP, but after things started opening back up, the economy recovered to ALMOST pre-pandemic levels.

However, since his victory, Joe Biden has said he’s going to repeal EVERYTHING Trump has done, meaning he’s going to repeal the tax cuts that put up to $2000 back in Americans’ pockets and saved them roughly $1600 in taxes every year.

When he repeals that, EVERYBODY’S taxes are going up, regardless of income.

Trump’s economy will be as good as dead.

The KO Punch To Trump’s Economy And America’s Wealth

Then, Biden is going to repeal Trump’s policy regulation strategy, thereby handcuffing the economy once again.

So, will Americans get the same opportunities under Biden as they did Trump?

Absolutely NOT!

He’s going to treat Americans like the servants the Left wants them to be, taking the power to become wealthy out of their hands and putting it back in the hands of the US federal government.

It’s a disgusting display of authoritarian power disguised as “compassion,” and it should be railed against by every mainstream media outlet out there.

Maybe it’s time to find a place for Sarah Palin in Biden’s administration. She at least seems to have to handle on finances, and she’s willing to share her secret with the rest of America—unlike the Dems that want to horde all the wealth and power for themselves like some sort of demented dragon from a Tolkien tale. (See below for more details).

Regardless, the bottom line is this: Americans will most likely become poorer under Biden’s economy than they were under Trump’s economy, and Trump will wind up taking the flack for it.

Who wants to make that bet?


“I am favor of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it’s possible.” ― Milton Friedman



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