Have you ever seen a political party hungrier for war than the Democrats were over the potential conflict that’s been brewing between Iran and the US?

Holy crap…

You couldn’t open a social media site without seeing some Left-winger spouting about how dangerous Trump is for America. Apparently, taking out one of the leading terrorists in the world is the WORST thing he could’ve done.

It was like, all of a sudden, every American Liberal became a foreign policy expert – overnight!

It’s amazing…

Apparently, everybody that knows how to type something into Google can now quickly and effectively understand all the ins and outs of our relationships with the different foreign governments.

We’re kidding…

They still don’t.

But all they need to do is find a headline from Vox or Huffington Post that agrees with what they’re feeling and they post it out for the world to see without doing one iota of fact-checking or proofing.


That’s Liberals in the 21st Century.

But one of the best parts of the two-day Iranian conflict was the way that Liberals decided to respond.

If you opened up social media during those two days, you saw the Left do their best at trying to make Trump supporters and conservatives look ridiculous…

But they only succeeded in making themselves look like the anti-American cowards that they truly are.

Weakness Is As WEAKNESS Does

What are we talking about here?

There were a variety of memes going around that were of the same vein – and the gist was basically “if we go to war, send all the conservatives and Trump supporters first because they’re the ones that support the president.”

They were using backdrops of military recruitment stations or armies facing each other…

But they didn’t even think for a moment just how ridiculous this made them look.

What they didn’t realize is…

By saying “just send conservatives and Trump supporters” they basically admitted they don’t CARE about America or the safety of her citizens.

By inviting conservatives to enlist, they basically said that, even if we were at war, they weren’t going to enlist to defend our country.


Is it because they hate our president and can’t support him even when he kills one of the most notorious terrorists since Osama Bin Laden?

Or does it more have to do with the fact that they don’t love our country because it’s not a socialist, Liberal cesspool – something that they want VERY badly.

The sad thing is…

It’s probably ONLY conservatives that would sign up if there were a war. It’s becoming more and more apparent that we’re the ONLY ones who feel our country is worth defending from the wolves.

A Sad State Of Affairs When You Let Hate Trump Patriotism

The Left can continue being the sheep that cower behind their fences…

While we, the sheepdogs, would patrol outside of the safety of the barriers to make sure they didn’t get eaten – if we’re asked to.

The fact that they don’t realize how weak these posts made them look is an accurate commentary on the state of their entire political ideology.

Not ONE alpha male among the lot of them…

That’s ok – we’ve got enough for the both of us.


“If I were dropped out of a plane into the ocean and told the nearest land was a thousand miles away, I’d still swim. And I’d despise the one who gave up.” – Abraham Maslow