President Trump is refusing to allow critical race theory and other biased, less-than-patriotic “education” programs to be pushed in any federally-funded institutions despite the Left’s desperate attempts to indoctrinate Americans. Not only has the radical Left already gained control over what our youth learns about our country’s racial past, but now they are attempting to re-educate our adult population, up to and including those employed by government departments.

But over the weekend, the president took executive action to prevent critical race theory re-education training from happening under his watch.

On Friday evening, Russell Vought, Director of the OMB (Office of Management and Budget), issued a memo on President Trump’s behalf ordering executive departments and agencies to halt funding from any employee trainings that mention “critical race theory.” The memo calls on all federal agencies to “cease and desist from using taxpayer dollars to fund these divisive, un-American propaganda training sessions”.

Critical race theory is defined by Britannica as the view that law and our institutions are not only inherently racist but also that race alone is a “socially constructed concept” used by white people to get ahead at the expense of minorities.

The executive memo vehemently denounced the theory, stating, “all agencies are directed to begin to identify all contracts or other agency spending related to any training on “critical race theory,” “white privilege,” or any other training or propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either (1) that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or (2) that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.”

Vought described that the president will not tolerate sending taxpayer dollars to fund government training that supports this worldview.

This comes after it had recently been brought to President Trump’s attention that some required programs say things like, “virtually all White people contribute to racism,” and force white employees to acknowledge that they too “benefit from racism.”

The memo continues to reaffirm President Trump’s commitment to “fair and equal treatment of all individuals in the United States” by rejecting this anti-American training that pushes a false narrative.

Vought writes, “The divisive, false, and demeaning propaganda of the critical race theory movement is contrary to all we stand for as Americans and should have no place in the Federal government.”

The Left is legitimately using Nazi-like tactics to indoctrinate the public. They are essentially rewriting history, reinforcing it by calling it workplace “training” and forcing employees to agree that it is true or else risk losing their jobs or being labeled a racist.

Last time I checked, it wasn’t the president who was using the government to recreate Nazi Germany’s indoctrination camps, it was the Democrats. Yet, they call Trump “literally Hitler.”

While it’s great news that our federal agencies will no longer use our taxpayer dollars to fund this kind of racist propaganda, it’s disturbing to think that “critical race theory” education is likely happening in Leftist-controlled institutions across America as we speak. Even more concerning are the repercussions this could have on future generations.

The bottom line is that America is not a racist country. Anyone who thinks it is is either brainwashed by the Left or racist themselves. While that’s not to say that racism does not exist at all in America anymore, the main point is that if it did exist on such a large scale, we wouldn’t need “training” to convince us that we are a country of racists because it would be quite obvious.

However, America does have a long way to go still to move forward into a future that understands we have already moved past the wrongdoings of our ancestors. Hopefully, future generations will come to know how great our country is as it provides endless opportunities for people of all races…and the president’s new memo is a big step towards making that happen.