The day of reckoning has finally come for the world’s biggest social media companies. Giant organizations like Twitter have long made the mistake of thinking they can operate outside the laws of fairness and decency, pushing their own biases without ever having to face repercussions.

President Trump has officially ended their ability to censor conservatives and make arbitrary decisions about which kinds of speech are acceptable. It is a glorious sight to see the right finally wage war on the PC culture that has suffocated First Amendment rights for so long.

In a historic move on Thursday, Trump signed an executive order intended to regulate the unconstitutional actions of the “behemoth corporations” behind the major social media platforms.

During the press conference, Trump described how the once-open social media platforms have transformed into “editors with a viewpoint… acting as political activist groups,” calling this a “threat to freedom itself.” According to the president and Attorney General William Barr, social media companies will no longer be able to enjoy the “liability shield” they have taken advantage of under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

They will now be reclassified as a publisher rather than simply an open platform, meaning they will not be able to avoid liability for picking and choosing what goes on their websites and will now be subject to lawsuits.

This is HUGE, but that’s not all.

President Trump and AG Barr went on to discuss significant legislation coming to the social media networks in the very near future at both the federal and state level.

Here comes the drop.

These new regulations state that:

  • FTC (Federal Trade Commission) will be allowed to prohibit social media practices that affect commerce.
  • AG Barr will be working with states to create and enforce laws against “deceptive business practices.”
  • “Billions of taxpayer dollars” will no longer go to companies that suppress free speech.
  • Social media will eventually fall subject to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules which regulate radio and television.
  • The OMB (Office of Management and Budget) will oversee implementation.

The president emphasized the importance of this executive order to restore millions of Americans’ constitutional right to free speech online, as well as allowing him to sidestep the fake news media’s inaccurate reporting.

As Americans, we reserve the right to speak and express ourselves freely without being subjected to arbitrary fact-checking by CNN and The Washington Post on our personal social media accounts. Trump also described that we reserve the right to use the words or terms we wish, as supported by the First Amendment, without being restricted for “hate speech.” Conservatives deserve the same rights as any liberal to say what they believe without fear of suppression.

President Trump has once again followed through on yet another “promises made, promises kept” action in this move to protect the integrity of Constitutional freedom on behalf of the American people.