The president’s ardent supporters are more than energized heading towards the 2020 election, regardless of the Democrats’ various campaigns to destroy Trump. The silent majority has shown through recent campaign fundraising numbers that they can see through the mainstream media’s lies and the Democrats’ fake narratives. If Trump loses in 2020, it won’t be because of a lack of support but because of widespread voter fraud. Trump supporters are breaking out their pocketbooks to show that they are ready and raring for four more years of pro-America policies.

Between the Republican National Committee and the Trump Campaign’s joint fundraising efforts, they raised a record-breaking $266 million dollars in the second quarter of 2020. The momentum for the Trump campaign is growing as this is a vast 71% increase from the first quarter. In June alone, they collectively raised $131 million, which is the highest single-month haul since 2016.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel celebrated the campaign victory: “After yet another haul of record-breaking support, the voters are speaking loud and clear – they support President Trump,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign’s second-quarter fundraising totals wane in comparison. Biden and the Democrat National Committee collectively raised about $130 million as of May, where he reached his single-month record of $81 million. Not to mention the fact that the only reason he got that much was because he tricked BLM supporters into donating to ActBlue, a major DNC fundraising group. I guarantee the majority of those people who contributed to that $81 million had no idea whatsoever they were contributing to “you ain’t black” Biden’s campaign.

Even with the Democrats’ cheating, Trump still outraised them by nearly $130 million. That’s a massive difference! If Trump’s fundraising far surpasses Biden’s, then how could the pro-Biden polls possibly be accurate?

A new poll from CNBC and Change Research shows Biden leading Trump in five key swing states by at least 5-8%. The late June poll surveyed nearly 4,000 voters across Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The survey indicates that the main concern of voters was Trump’s response to the coronavirus, leading them to prefer Biden.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how Trump can outraise Biden by $130 million dollars and still trail in the polls. It very literally does not add up. Critics might say that this could be because billionaire Trump has billionaire friends and connections, but the fact is that Biden actually has far more billionaire donors than Trump does.

If billionaires aren’t causing the massive difference between Biden and Trump’s fundraising efforts, dare we believe that hundreds of thousands of small donors are adding up to Trump’s campaign haul?

I think it’s safe to say that Americans overwhelmingly support Trump. As we learned from 2016, the polls are not to be trusted and neither is the mainstream media. Networks like CNN and MSNBC—the usual perpetrators—are dedicated to painting this dim picture of Trump’s campaign, but apparently the math says it isn’t working. Just like 2016, when Hillary Clinton was ahead in “polls” for all the battleground states, Trump won every single state in November. I believe the president is geared toward a similar landslide in 2020.