President Trump continues to fight for the lives of the vulnerable, as shown by his most recent action to protect babies who survive botched abortions.

While Democrats are terrified that the pro-abortion Roe v Wade ruling might be overturned with a conservative addition to the Supreme Court, Trump is adding legal protections for babies born alive.

During a pre-recorded address shown on Wednesday at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, the president announced he will be signing a “Born Alive” Executive Order.

The measure ensures all babies who survive abortions are given the proper medical care they deserve as all children are “made in the holy image of God,” as the president says.

“Today I am announcing that I will be signing the born alive executive order to assure that all precious babies born alive, no matter their circumstances, receive the medical care that they deserve. This is our sacrosanct moral duty,” Trump proclaimed.

The president reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to continue protecting Americans’ religious liberty, perhaps foreshadowing his Supreme Court Justice pick. All three women reportedly under consideration to fill the seat are Catholic and particularly dedicated to defending religious freedom.

Trump also revealed he will also increase “federal funding for the neonatal research to ensure that every child has the very best chance to thrive and to grow.”

When signed, this executive order will undoubtedly save the lives of many babies who are born alive every year. Pro-life advocacy group Live Action estimates at least 1,200 babies survive abortions annually, which could amount to tens of thousands since Roe V Wade was passed in 1973.

Now, what happens when babies are born alive in abortion clinics is what’s disturbing and inhumane. Often, they are simply left to die unattended.

Life News reported research conducted by Family Research Council showing only fifteen states provide strong protections for born-alive abortion survivors, while only eight require reporting on babies who survive.

Considering the few protections enacted by states for infants born alive, President Trump’s executive order is more than necessary.

However, the fact that this has to be legislated is what bothers me the most. We shouldn’t have to convince people that babies, especially those born alive, deserve the same rights as any other person in America. Just because a baby is completely defenseless doesn’t mean a mother can harm them if she decides it would better fit her lifestyle – or for any other reason.

There are plenty of adults who are defenseless due to certain medical and health conditions – but do we simply leave them to die? No. We get them the proper medical care they need and deserve as people.

The same should go for babies born alive, as well as the unborn. Hopefully, the president’s latest announcement will deter women from attempting late-term abortions and eliminate the inhumane deaths we see from abortion every year.