The coronavirus pandemic ripped apart the gas and oil industry that was greatly prospering under the Trump administration’s energy policies, but now it’s time for a comeback. Trump has consistently promised throughout his tenure as president to revamp America’s oil, gas, and coal industries, and he has delivered on that promise. Although our energy sector took a hard hit during the pandemic lockdowns due to decreased demand, the president has announced new measures to continue their success.

President Trump took to a drilling rig in Midland, Texas on Wednesday to energetically announce executive action on restoring energy dominance in the Permian Basin in a campaign-style speech. Affirming his support for the oil industry, Trump signed four permits to build new pipeline and railroad infrastructure on the border of Texas in order to export American crude oil to Mexico.

The president also announced the Energy Department will allow exports of liquefied natural gas to countries without a free-trade agreement with the US for the next 30 years. This deregulation is a huge deal as it will drastically increase our exports and help us climb the energy dominance ladder.

These moves will undoubtedly spur economic prosperity and create hundreds of jobs. Not to mention it will contribute to America’s historic state of energy independence and global energy dominance.

Kicking off his speech, the President celebrated, “The United States is now the No. 1 producer of oil and natural gas on the face of the earth.”

The President continued, “I’m here to celebrate the incredible achievement of the industry and to oppose the radical left who want to tear down the industry and make the US subservient to foreign energy,” he said, “I’m here to defend your jobs. I’m here to defend the Lone Star State; I love this state.”

Contrary to the Democrats’ accusations that the oil and gas industries destroy the environment, Trump reassured, “We will never cease being the leader in protecting our environment,” he said. The president clarified that, “Under my administration, the US will have the cleanest air and the cleanest water.”

Taking shots at the Democrats’ anti-energy independence policies, Trump railed against the radical Left’s Green New Deal. He warned the crowd that Democrats are “fighting to abolish American energy, destroy the oil and gas industries, and wipe out your jobs,” he said, urging the crowd not to be fooled by Trojan Horse Joe Biden.

The president also warned that the Left wants to impose job-killing policies by importing oil from our environment polluting enemies, like China. However, Trump promises to continue to put America-first.

Following his economy-boosting, job-creating measures, Trump critics were not so optimistic. The mainstream media flooded the news with reports of the president “downplaying” the hit the oil and gas industries took during the pandemic.

The Associated Press attempted to contradict Trump’s claims by reporting that American petroleum use plummeted to a 40-year low this spring. Washington Post contrasted Trump’s message by stating that airlines are still using less fuel and that several oil producers filed for bankruptcy. Many other outlets focused on the unrelated fact that an anti-face mask Texas Republican who was supposed to travel with Trump to Wednesday’s event tested positive for coronavirus.

Instead of celebrating the positive optics for America’s road to economic recovery, increasing our independence, and creating more jobs, the media missed no opportunity to criticize the president. Like conservatives always say, if Trump had the cure for cancer, the media would still find a way to spin it negatively. Nevertheless, good things are coming for Americans in this post-pandemic future. The Trump administration continues to fight on our side by enacting America-first policies.