Finally, Trump’s vaccine task force Operation Warp Speed has secured what is hopefully the beginning of the end for the pandemic lockdown madness. While it’s not exactly thrilling news that the government is securing mass amounts of vaccines which they will inevitably push on us, it is relieving that perhaps we will go back to normal soon.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar announced that the federal government has reached an agreement with pharmaceutical company Pfizer for 100 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine. Azar told Fox News that based on current progress, the vaccine will be available “starting in December of this year with an option to buy another half a billion doses,” which is nearly twice the size of our population in total.

Reports say that the U.S. government will pay Pfizer $1.95 billion dollars upon receipt of the first 100 million doses. The vaccine will be free to all Americans.

Azar was asked on CNBC about why the government chose Pfizer, as compared to competing vaccine manufacturers like Moderna or Johnson and Johnson. Azar told the network, “We just saw clinical trial data from phase one of the Pfizer vaccine this week that shows that it produces what we look for in early stage of a vaccine which is neutralizing antibodies and at levels equal to or better than what we see in recovered COVID patients and their convalescent plasma.”

Praising Trump’s efforts on quickly obtaining so many vaccine doses as well as a secured contract for more, Azar said, “This is what’s really unprecedented with President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, we are literally making the commercial scale vaccine now as we are going through the clinical trials. And so we’re doing that at risk using the full power of the U.S. government and our financial resources to do that. No one has ever done this before.”

If the contract is upheld on Pfizer’s end, it will deliver almost twice what Trump promised when he established Operation Warp Speed, which vowed a minimum of 300 million vaccine doses by January 2021.

This news comes just a day after President Trump made promising comments regarding vaccine progress when he said, “We’re very close to the vaccine. I think we’re going to have some very good results.”

The good news is, once the vaccine is in the government’s hands, it will be the end of the hostage situation our country is being held in by tyrannical governors and mayors who want us locked down indefinitely. But the bad news is that the government is ordering 600 million doses of the vaccine. That’s almost enough for every single American to take two years in a row. Why do we need that many?

I am confident that some states, like California or New York, will try to unconstitutionally mandate that people get the vaccine, or else not be allowed to go out in public. While the federal government may not mandate it, states might, just like what we saw during the lockdowns. Trump never did a national mandate, but he left it up to the states, which were basically left to do what they wanted. Hopefully, for the sake of the people and what’s left of our individual rights, we see a stronger federal response to liberal states who now have a track record of complete contempt for the U.S. Constitution.