On Wednesday, President Trump addressed the nation about the rising conflict with Iran. He discussed Iran’s bombing on US forces in Iraq on Tuesday night. Thankfully, no Americans were killed in the attack, but the threat of Iran remains very real.

Trump began by addressing the airstrike he ordered last week that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. Trump said that Soleimani, who was responsible for hundreds of American deaths, should have been killed years before. He is correct. Hundreds of Americans would still be alive if past presidents had ordered the killing of the Iranian thug.

Previous administrations were afraid that killing Soleimani would lead to a full-blown war with Iran. They cowered while the Iranians pounced on the weakness of the Obama administration. If Obama and Bush would have taken action against the American-killing general years ago, Trump wouldn’t have been put in this position.

Trump has drawn a red line with his foreign policy: If an enemy of America kills an American, then Trump will make them pay for their mistake. The president warned the Iranian terrorists that if they value their lives, then they should refrain from killing Americans in the future.

I think they have figured it out by now. Trump is not kidding, and he means what he says.

The president said that he would be placing additional sanctions on Iran, and he called out the Obama administration for making the disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, paying the regime $150 billion. Those actions by the Obama administration emboldened the regime. Now, we have all seen the consequences of Obama’s decisions.

President Trump detailed how Iran has been funding and directing terrorist attacks in Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. He denounced the Iranians for killing 1,500 of their own people in the past few months. The bloodshed that the Mullahs have ordered against their own people has gone underreported in the Western media.

That’s not surprising given their hatred for Donald Trump. They sound like they are spewing Iranian propaganda in their reporting.

Trump urged European countries to follow him in withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal and he asked NATO for more help in fighting terrorism in the Middle East. He highlighted the superiority of the weapons possessed by the American military as a show of force against further Iranian aggression.

Most importantly, however, he told the world that he doesn’t want to use the military and ultimately seeks peace.

That cuts across the warmonger label that he has been given by the Left and their media allies. Trump has shown great restraint since taking office by avoiding escalating conflicts in foreign lands. At times, I have disagreed with him, especially with regards to his decision to get out of the way of a Turkish invasion into Syria that left our Kurdish allies exposed.

However, I have never doubted that this president would refuse to sit by and watch as Americans were slaughtered. He isn’t going to make the same mistakes that President Obama did in conflicts, most notably in Benghazi.

Trump stuck a tough but optimistic tone in his brief statement. He came across as a well-reasoned and calm leader that seeks peace, but his prepared to fight if he is called upon to protect American lives and interests.

America is safer because of his leadership.