After getting trounced by Putin, Sleepy Joe took to answering pre-approved questions at a press conference and pushed THIS Leftist lie once again.

It’s sad knowing that we all accept that our politicians lie and we do nothing about it, but it’s a well-known trait of elected officials to fib, fabricate, or straight-up lie when it comes to certain things.

There hasn’t been a man or woman ever elected that didn’t lie, even Trump, and to watch some of the masters doing it is much like watching the old masters sculpt or paint because the tapestries of lies these people weave could often hang in a museum.

However, most often, these lies stop when the truth is revealed and becomes common knowledge.

Once the world knows the truth, the lie stops and apologizing often begins.

That dynamic seems to have changed, and it’s something noticeable if you pay attention enough.

The Left has decided that any lie that can be told about Donald Trump, his supporters, or any other Conservative SHOULD be told.

Of course, you’d expect this of those in Congress or the Senate that are trying to get the attention of the media to continue to do something like this.

The shocking anti-Conservative sentiment is all but encouraged amongst these lower-tiered politicians.

The people take their cues from these elected officials, and so you have ordinary citizens spouting these lies all over social media.

So much so that I was forced to comment on this during one of my Punk Rock Patriotism episodes. You can see here:

Now, we expect these people to believe the lies because sheep tend to trust their shepherds.

But seeing as the leader of the free world is pushing it, do you blame them?

One would not expect the sitting President of the United States to perpetuate the lie.

You’d expect that commander in chief to hold himself, and for others to hold him, to a higher standard.

However, as we saw yesterday, that’s not the case.

After getting dunked on by Putin at their Geneva summit, Joe took to a press conference to talk to pre-approved reporters and answer their pre-approved questions, and the lie he pushed out was nothing short of shocking.

Like Dems and Liberals all over America (and strangely, Canada, where a lot of Liberal hate comes from, believe it or not) Biden pushed a common, yet FALSE, narrative during a press conference where Sleepy Joe rejected the comparison Putin made between the imprisonment of his political rival, Alexei Navalny, to the Democrats’ persecution of those arrested for the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th – something, Biden took umbrage to.

Sleepy Joe – Commander In Lies

Biden said, “It’s one thing for literally criminals to break through, cordon, go into the capitol, and kill a police officer and be held unaccountable than it is for people objecting and marching on the Capitol and saying, ‘You are not allowing me to speak freely’ … they’re very different criteria.”

Aaaaaaand there it is…

The Leftist lie that Liberals and Democrats continue to push – even though it’s been proven to be false.

No, Joe, no police officer was killed during the Capitol Hill riot by ANY protestor.

In fact, not only were NO officers killed, but the one confirmed death by murder was that of Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force reservist who was shot and killed after breaking a window in the Capitol Building.

The other officers who died – including Officer Brian Sicknick – who was the ONLY officer that was rumored to have died from a beating but died from a stroke after a blood clot was found in his artery.

This has been proven false.

And here we have the most visible Democrat on the planet continuing to push this lie, and we wonder why lesser politicians and regular Joe’s do the same?

It’s a “trickle-down” lie, and it needs to stop.


“Truth exists; only lies are invented.” – Georges Braque