Man… Washington NEEDS Trey Gowdy.

His level-headedness and cool demeanor is missed greatly in the House of Representatives.

When he announced that he wasn’t going to seek re-election, the Republicans lost a strong voice.

But even though he’s stepped away from the national political game for a while…

It doesn’t mean he’s not paying attention or turning his back on conservative ideals.

With the whole impeachment BS popping up, Gowdy has made a return to the public spotlight and is giving his thoughts on some of the aspects of the whole debacle.

Believe it or not…

The target of Trey’s ire isn’t Nancy Pelosi or anybody on the Squad. Instead, he’s turned his attention towards “pencil-neck” himself, Adam Schiff.

Trey Takes Aim At Schiff

On Fox’s The Story with Martha MacCallum, Trey unloaded on the House Democrat and didn’t hold anything back…

“Well, if you don’t have good facts, you have to make them up,” Trey said, opening his show appearance. “Adam Schiff has one of the worst senses of humor of anyone I’ve ever met. So, he doesn’t need to try parody.”

A playful jab…

Yet poignant and truthful, as Schiff doesn’t have anything to go on. The transcript was there for the world to read, and the Dem representative took it upon himself to “parody” what was said, trying to place a different narrative on the president’s intent.

Trey continued: “But you have to keep in mind, Martha, this is the same Schiff that said he had evidence of collusion. He’s not making that mistake this time… he’s not CLAIMING he has something he doesn’t have – he’s just going to make it up.”

Now, keep in mind…

Schiff was reading a statement at a hearing.

At what point and for what reason does trying to “parody” what the president said make sense?

Have you ever seen a formal trial or hearing where an official feels the need to resort to parody? Imagine what would happen in a court of law if a prosecutor tried to do the same thing.

The defense would be yelling “objection” immediately, and the judge would probably call the attorneys to the bench to have a little talk about decorum and decency.

What Schiff did wasn’t decent…

He made up lies and tried to steer the American people to believe his narrative as to what he WANTED Trump’s intent to be.

What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander

When asked if what the President said on the phone call could be separated from what the Left wants to accuse him of, Trey said, “Think back to 2016, our country not only took but we SOLICITED help from other countries in trying to figure out whether or not the Russians were interfering with our elections.”

He continued: “To be sure, President Obama wasn’t on the ballot, but he was criticized for not asking for MORE help from foreign countries to stop it. So, whatever was good for President Obama, let’s at least apply the same standard to President Trump. Be fair about it.”

Yes, Obama wasn’t on the ballot…

But he DID have a stake in who won and who lost that election.

Did ANYBODY call for impeachment?


Should they have?

No! And they shouldn’t now.

These impeachment proceedings are NOTHING but politically motivated BS that the Left is doing in order to try and block Trump from winning 2020…

And it’s NOT going to work.

Trey sees this and he’s outside the bubble…

Imagine all the good work he could do if he were back in.

Either way, this is far from over…

Maybe it’ll be enough to get Gowdy’s blood going again.

We can dream, right?


“It always matters whether or not you can trust your government.” – Trey Gowdy