Who doesn’t like laughing?

While it’s totally believable that there are a few mirthless people on this planet, it’s safe to say that the VAST majority of the planet’s population enjoys a good chuckle now and again.

But have you noticed how the Left doesn’t seem to understand a joke anymore?

You can’t make a wisecrack about ANYTHING without some Liberal being offended.

That’s a shame, because there used to be some pretty funny Democrats out there– but apparently getting woke changes you, and humor seems to have left the Left.

How do we know this? Just look at their responses to Trump.

They take EVERYTHING the president says 100% literally, failing to recognize the often tongue-in-cheek, hyperbolic comments he actually makes.

President Trump isn’t that much different than Donald Trump the reality star; he’s just got a different job.

Here’s the little secret that they may or may not already know: Trump enjoys gassing them up.

He knows that Leftists wouldn’t vote for him anyway, so he has fun with them instead, saying things that he knows will stick in their craw and make them scream at the top of their lungs.

He’s a perfect troll in the best sense of the term, and the Left keeps falling for his traps.

The Left Has Lost Its Funny Bone

But despite their serious lack of humor, the Left tries often to joke – but often come off as mean and vitriolic instead.

You’ve seen them mock the president and anyone who supports him on the constantly unfunny Saturday Night Live, with hardcore (and VIOLENT) Liberal, Alec Baldwin portraying the president (with uncanny likeness) in a way that makes him look idiotic.

We may not find it funny…

But we can appreciate the effort that went into the character, and Baldwin’s portrayal looks and sounds a LOT like Trump himself.

However, as mentioned above, the Left can’t joke without attacking, being mean, or trying to appear as woke as possible.

This happened recently with one of the Left’s most prominent comedic voices, Trevor Noah.

Noah, a South African comedian that took over for Jon Stewarts as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, has become one of the Left’s loudest champions, making fun of the Right and Trump as often as possible.

His popularity among the Left is baffling, though, because he once made offensive jokes about women and Jews and even mocked the Holocaust.

However, if there’s one thing that the Left will forgive, it’s hatred—but only as long as it comes from a Liberal.

So, what was Noah’s latest shot at his adoptive country’s soul?

Is He Joking… Or “Woking?”

Well, in a video segment he recorded making fun of gender reveal parties (something we can ALL get behind)—specifically the party that started a massive wildfire that’s burning down half of California—he made a comment about the overall concept of gender that has us confused.  Was this supposed to be part of the joke, or just full-on woke nonsense?

While taking a shot at the newer tradition of gender reveal parties (which, again, we agree with because they’re often ridiculous), Noah threw some wokeness in with the rest of comedy. He said, “Celebrating a baby’s genitalia is starting to feel very outdated. Like, given everything we’re learning about gender, gender reveal parties should only happen when the child is old enough to know their actual gender.”

Here, give it a listen for yourself:


Noah IS a comedian and he WAS making fun of the act –but was that last comment a joke?

Honestly, it’s too hard to tell these days…

But if you were to venture a guess, what do you think?

Is he simply playing to his audience with a tongue-in-cheek gag?

Or is this something he TRULY feels?

Of course, it’s not outside of the realm of possibility that he actually believes this. Noah is a pretty big advocate of all things Liberal, and the concept of “gender as a social construct” is as Liberal as it comes…

But we’re reserving our right to cast judgment.

Regardless, it shows just how weird 21st Century society is. We don’t know if a comedian is joking about children NOT knowing their gender.

We can only hope he is…but let’s not get our hopes up.


“I don’t consider myself a comic but a performer. A comic tells bad jokes.” – Sandra Bernhard