If you don’t know who Tim Kennedy is, then do yourself a favor and start following him his social media. He may be one of the greatest Americans alive at the moment, and smart conservatives will be paying attention.

Some know Kennedy from his time as a professional MMA athlete, winning titles in multiple organizations and almost winning the BIG one in UFC.

However, what you probably didn’t know is that Kennedy did all of this while also serving as an active member of the US Army, remaining a reservist from 2009 until the end of his career.

He has enlisted multiple times and even received a Bronze Star for his service.

As if all of this wasn’t enough to certify Tim Kennedy as one of America’s all-time bad-asses, he went and did something so amazing that may land him on the frontlines of conservative politics someday.

What’d he do?

Well, you may have heard of the outfit of former active-duty special forces members dubbed “Task Force Pineapple Express” that was responsible for getting THOUSANDS of Americans out of Kabul as the Taliban took over.

As it turns out, Kennedy was a member of that squad.

So, on top of being a Bronze Star Medal recipient, MMA champion, Special Forces operator, and dad, Kennedy also deserves respect for risking his life to get others out of a war-torn country in the face of all-but-certain death.

If that’s not American, then I don’t know what is…

This man is a hero, as is each and every member of Task Force Pineapple that put it all on the line to do the right thing when our own government WOULDN’T.

There is something very wrong with that scenario, and it’s something we need to fix come both in 2022 and 2024.

We need to find a way to fix this HUGE mistake and get back to being the America that Tim Kennedy risks his life to defend.

God bless him and all those who are working tirelessly to get our people out.

You guys are heroes in every sense of the word.

Here’s his take on our politicians.


“Find something bigger than yourself and pour every ounce of who you are into it. If that’s your family, be the best father on Earth. If you are a cop, firefighter, or a trash man, be the best.” – Tim Kennedy