Here we go again with the Leftist race-baiting. In one way or another, everything in our society is a crime against minorities, and white people MUST be stopped…at least according to Leftists. In two separate stories this week, CNN and NBC reported breaking developments of racism from two everyday favorites: social media video platform TikTok and exercise equipment company Peloton.

TikTok Racial Censorship?

In the latest of a long line of controversies, Chinese-owned social media phenomena TikTok is allegedly censoring black content creators on the platform, according to CNN. Lex Scott, founder of Black Lives Matter Utah, uploaded a video asking TikTok users to decisively protest this injustice by proving their commitment to the cause (video below).

Scott specifically asked TikTok’s content creators to change their profile photos to the black power symbol, unfollow people who don’t support the cause, and follow at least one other black creator.

But in all that, what she’s really saying is “follow fewer whites and more blacks. If you disagree, you’re irrelevant. If you don’t comply, you’ll be rejected.”

Then she justified asking everyone to participate in her protest by holding it on May 19th, the birthday of late civil rights activist Malcolm X.

CNN ran with coverage of the story, and blowback against TikTok quickly followed.

Problem number one is that neither CNN nor Scott offered any factual basis for the claim that black users are being censored because simply they’re black. They did cite one example of an Afghani girl—still a person of color—who was censored by the Chinese-owned company, but that was because she spoke out against China’s horrific treatment of its Muslim population.

They didn’t lock her out of her account simply because of her skin color as CNN’s article implies. Don’t get me wrong, China is horrible and they need to be called out for their many human rights violations, but I’ve simply never heard of China having a vendetta specifically against African-Americans.

Now, to be clear, protesting is protected under the First Amendment. Everyone has the right to voice their opinions and raise awareness of injustice. I’m simply criticizing the specific ways Scott asked people to “protest,” which I find to be unacceptable.

Scott is, in effect, asking people to use racism as a tool to fight against racism. She’s causing ideological division by telling people to shun those who disagree with her message (obviously predicting them to be predominantly whites). Plain and simple, Scott is attempting thought control on TikTok users and CNN is endorsing it. The Black Lives Matter movement (funded by billionaire Leftist George Soros), is infamous for using tactics like this, especially during elections.

Also, is it even respectable to hold a baseless protest that does more harm than good in the name of a legendary civil rights activist? People of color should be offended.

Peloton’s Racial Inequality

Separately, exercise equipment manufacturer Peloton is under fire by NBC for not being woke enough. The PC Police are coming after them in the name of racial equality, reminiscent of the accusations of sexism and fat-shaming accompanying a Peloton commercial that aired last Christmas.

The trendy exercise company is now accused of being racist for attempting to appeal to their demographics. According to the liberal network, “The company wants to be #woke. But if I hear one more all-white 1980s playlist while a white coach uses black vernacular to encourage riders, I’ll scream.”

NBC’s report then goes on with a list of tedious grievances that does more to prove their own racism than it does Peloton’s.

One complaint NBC cites is that white instructors use “white” music and black instructors use “black” music. My question is why NBC thinks it’s acceptable to pigeonhole people into one subsection of music based on their race. Also, what’s stopping a white person from taking a class with a black instructor and vice versa?

Another complaint listed is that white instructors use allegedly black-inspired phrases like “Go, gurl,” calling it cultural appropriation. Wait a minute! That’s hypocrisy! The report just said that white instructors are “racist” for using white music, but now they’re “culturally appropriating” when they take something associated with black people? Do explain, NBC.

I don’t know if NBC has ever heard of this, but there’s this principle in Marketing called “appealing to demographics.” Demographics are what companies use to define their audiences, effectively appeal to them, and hopefully make sales.

If “white music” appeals to white people, or “black music” to black people, it’s simply a fact of life. That’s not racism, that’s just what people like. Plus, statistics show that the vast majority of cyclists are white. According to Grist, more than 70% of recreational cyclists are indeed white. So, I think we can forgive Peloton, a company specializing in exercise bikes, for trying to appeal to white people. Plenty of industries out there try to market almost entirely to black people based on similar demographic information. By NBC’s standards, that’s just as racist.

These cries of racism from CNN and NBC are in no way surprising or unusual. What we’re seeing is simply the Left’s insidious go-to way of spreading further division by shaming white people. But for that exact reason, it’s always important to call them out for their hypocrisy. We need to let them know that we won’t allow others to control of what we like, say, do, or think.

Similarly to the way things played out in 2016, these allegations will only increase as we get closer to the election in the hopes of causing enough racial division to force both minority and white voters to act predictably and accordingly.

Hopefully, this time American voters are wise to their tricks and will not be strong-armed into submission.