Being a Trump supporter can get one canceled from all areas of society. Whether it be online, at work, or in a group of friends, this phenomenon is becoming all too familiar.

This goes for athletes as well…even if they are athletes that aren’t American. If they admire former President Trump from anywhere in the world, they may find themselves in the crosshairs of cancel culture.

That includes Germany.

Yes, Germany, that country that once was literally ruled by Hitler (not Trump who they just compare to Hitler…which is absurd and insulting to those killed and tortured by the Nazis).

That is why it is ironic that the governing body of German hockey is parting ways with German Detroit Red Wings goaltender Thomas Greiss for…wait for it…supporting Donald Trump. (For the record, the Red Wings are the favorite sports team of yours truly.)

How horrible!

HockeyFeed reported, ‘Germany has now clearly positioned itself on Thomas Greiss: When asked, sports director Christian Künastsaid: As long as the current sports management is responsible, Thomas Greiss will not be invited.”

Greiss has been an outspoken supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump and notoriously likened Hillary Clinton to Adolf Hitler back in 2017. He was also a staunch listener and supporter of now-deceased talk radio broadcaster Rush Limbaugh. The German DEB has unilaterally decided that these beliefs are not compatible with their own values and as a result, Greiss is out.’”

Yes, he was even a fan of Rush Limbaugh, so he definitely has no place on the German team. In fact, he has no place in hockey period! He should be banned from the sport…at least according to them.

This is an outrage!

These people are pathetic.

Trump Derangement syndrome has gone international. The international community—also known as globalists—has always hated Trump because of his “America First” foreign policy doctrine.

How dare the president of the United States…you know…put his country first?!?

This is yet another outrage!

Germany will be missing out on a good goaltender who has turned his season around after starting the season playing terribly. Greiss has had two consecutive shutouts and was named the NHL player of the week.

He is riding a wave of momentum that he could have continued into the international hockey tournament had the German hockey folks picked him for the German team.

But politics is more important than winning a championship, apparently.

Remember the good old days when athletes just played sports and they weren’t either celebrated or condemned for their political beliefs?

Yeah, those were the days.

Sadly, we are a long way from those happy days being here again. Politics is now life, and life is politics.

The Left has succeeded in their war on fun. Sports, entertainment, travel, and even casual dining have all surrendered to their full-frontal charge, and they aren’t going to stop until they have complete control over every aspect of our lives.

That goes for Germany and the globalists who are pushing the “global reset” to remake world governments and to destroy capitalism.

Thomas Greiss is just the latest victim of the international mob.