Narrative matters…

That’s why the mainstream media continually pushes the Left’s agenda when reporting on almost any controversial story.

They steer the lazy readers…

They know that most of them will only focus on the headline and then let their minds fill in the rest of the story based on their biased narrative.

For example, what story do you get from this headline?

“A Georgia man shot and killed three masked teens as they attempted to rob him at his home.”

What would you think if you read that and ONLY that?

You’d probably be thinking what the rest of the world is thinking…

Some gun-toting nut-job crossed the line and killed children who were just trying to rob him.

But that’s not the case, is it?

As with most stories like this, you can’t always trust the headline.

The REAL Story Behind This Incident REVEALED

If you read the full story, you’d find out that the man was simply standing outside of his home with two friends when three masked men approached the trio and tried to rob them…

If the resident shot and killed these men then and there, he’d be more than justified; he more than likely believed that his life and the lives of his friends were in danger.

But that’s not what happened.

No, what happened next is that one of the would-be thieves took out a gun and started firing shots at the residents.

That was a huge mistake, as one of the residents was armed and returned fire – and unfortunately for the thieves, he was a much better shot than they were.

In the press release by Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, the rest of the story unfolded, “The victims of the attempted robbery were all uninjured, but the three attempted robbery suspects were all shot during the exchange of gunfire and succumbed to their injuries, one on scene and two at a local hospital after being transported.”

The local news station interviewed neighbors and their responses helped fill in some of the gaps…

“I heard a guy yelling for help. ‘Help me help me, I’m dying, I’m dying, help me, help me,” one man told the anchor.

Another neighbor said they ran out of their house to help after they heard what sounded like five shots from a handgun, and then said, “Then I heard somebody have an assault rifle, and it was a slew of shots that came out.”

Well, minus the mislabeling of a semi-automatic rifle, the second neighbor just made a case as to how and why an AR-15 or AK-47 can be used for self-defense.

Derailing The Leftist’s Narrative

This is always the big argument from the Left, right?

“Why do you need a weapon that fires more than SIX shots? It’s overkill!”

Well, that doesn’t seem so in this case, does it?

Of course, you have people from the Left talking about what a tragedy this whole incident is…

But if the robber was a better shot, this would be a completely different story, wouldn’t it?

Is it a tragedy that three young lives had to end? Yes…

Is it a tragedy that these kids were lost way before they decided to try and rob what they thought was easy prey? Absolutely…

But it would have been MORE tragic had it been the robbery victims that were dead and not the other way around.

In fact, it probably wouldn’t even have garnered television coverage.

This incident is a RINGING endorsement of why the 2nd Amendment is so important…

Three people are breathing today because of their God-given American rights – and that’s a beautiful thing.

And Beto wants to take our guns?

Good luck, bro…

You’ve got a better chance of seeing God than taking guns away from lawful gun owners.


“The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” – Samuel Adams