The Democrats are currently campaigning to run the nation. These people are trying to control the most powerful government in the world, and after last night’s Iowa Caucuses, voters should be scared.

The state party couldn’t properly use an app created to keep track of voting results, the winner has STILL not been determined, and no one seems to have any idea what’s actually going on.

Remember, gang: Democrats want to run the country. God help us if they do.

As of this writing (roughly 9:45 a.m.), there still has been no declared winner in the Iowa Caucuses. Seriously, 0% of precincts have reported results. It appears that an app created to track the results is the culprit (assuming that you believe the official reports and not the number of conspiracy theories popping up about the delay).

The Hill reported, “The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) said Tuesday that a phone app the precincts were relying on to transmit results did not function properly and is partially responsible for the ongoing delay and confusion surrounding the caucuses…

In a Statement, the IDP said it has confidence that the full data collected by the app is accurate. But it said that the app in some instances only transmitted ‘partial data,’ necessitating a manual count that has stretched into a second day.”

The Dems have eggs on their faces with this one. This is embarrassing for them. One would think that three years of preparation would prevent a disaster like this from occurring. However, we are talking about the Democratic Party—disaster is kind of what they do.

Matt Walsh writing for the Daily Wire quipped that “It seems the Democrats decided to hand the facilitation and management of its primary over to a secretive firm literally called Shadow Inc, which is a bit like sending your children to a daycare center named Child Neglect LLC.”

Folks, these are the people who want to take over the entire healthcare industry. Remember the Iowa debacle the next time one of your Bernie-supporting friends advocates for “free” healthcare. The jokes write themselves. They are tripping all over themselves and it is glorious to behold. President Trump has ample material to Tweet about today.

Trump tweeted, “When will the Democrats start [sic] blaming Russia, Russia, Russia, instead of their own incompetence for the voting disaster that just happened in the Great State of Iowa?”

Although the final results aren’t known as of this writing, entry poll data doesn’t look good for Joe Biden. As of now, it appears that Joe Biden had a disastrous night. Some experts are even predicting that Biden finished as far back as fourth place.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg was polling well across all demographics and could have finished as high as second place. The entry poll data points to a Bernie Sanders victory.

The fact that people are having to speculate about where candidates finished the next morning is pathetic. The incompetence of the Iowa Democrats has forced everyone to speculate about who won when the final tallies should have been known last night.

The Washington Examiner reported, “The large campaigns have precinct captains in nearly every precinct who call in results. The Sanders campaign released all the results they had, coming from about 40% of precincts, and it showed, by all three counts, Sanders winning with nearly 30%, Buttigieg in second, Elizabeth Warren in third, and Biden way back in fourth. The Warren campaign said its numbers showed Biden also in a distant fourth. The Biden campaign hasn’t reported any results.”

One thing is for certain: Iowa was not the Democrats’ finest hour.

And if that’s how they run a Caucus, I’d hate to see them run a country.