Just when it seemed like we could take a break from impeachment for Christmas, the media dropped another nothing-burger. NBC News reported over the weekend that a new email brings into question the reasons for the delay in aid to Ukraine. Predictably, the Democrats and their media allies seized on the story by calling for the people involved to testify before a Senate trial.

However, Nancy Pelosi would actually have to release the articles of impeachment to the Senate for that to be possible.

NBC News reported the following: “Newly released emails regarding Ukraine defense aid held by the White House show that a request to withhold funds came less than two hours after President Donald Trump’s July phone call with the Ukrainian president that has served as the backbone of the impeachment proceedings against him…

“Based on guidance I have received and in light of the Administration’s plan to review assistance to Ukraine, including the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, please hold off on any additional [Department of Defense] obligations of these funds, pending direction from that process,” Mike Duffey, a political appointee serving as associate director for national security programs at the OMB wrote on July 25 to OMB and Pentagon officials.”

Wow, they’ve really got them this time. Clearly, Trump should be removed from office given this shocking revelation.

Not so much.

These emails change nothing. They still don’t prove that President Trump had the aid delayed for political reasons, and they don’t show that the Ukrainians were aware there was “pressure” being applied on them.

How could there be a quid pro quo if the Ukrainian’s didn’t know that they were supposed to investigate the Bidens? Logic dictates that the Trump administration would threaten them with loss of aid if they failed to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. Otherwise, there is no point.

It’s the same kind of logic the Dems used with regards to the so-called “obstruction” of justice detailed in the Mueller Report.

How could the president obstruct justice when that very same report found that he had committed no crime?

The Dems are so desperate to remove this president that basic standards of common sense have ceased to apply.

The NBC News report cites the fact that officials at the Office of Management and Budget were concerned that the aid suspension would be made public following the Trump-Zelenski call. The emails from OMB official, Michael Duffey were obtained by NBC News.

The report continued: “It appeared that those involved felt the hold could be problematic, considering Duffey wrote to officials in his office and at the Pentagon to keep it all close their chest.

“Given the sensitive nature of the request,” Duffey wrote on the afternoon of Trump’s call with Zelenskiy, “I appreciate your keeping that information closely held to those who need to know to execute direction.”

However, the aid delay was announced a week earlier, on July 18. The Trump-Zelensky call had no discernible impact on the aid delay.

These latest emails don’t change anything. This impeachment inquisition is a waste of time. Sadly, it’s not going away anytime soon, not even during the holidays.