Last night during the Oscars, conservative-comedian Stephen Crowder was livestreaming the event. He dubbed the livestream his “anti-Oscars party.”

This was his second annual “anti-Oscars party.” Crowder and his side-kicks were dressed up in costumes portraying characters from the movies. (Crowder was dressed as Freddie Mercury from “Bohemian Rhapsody.”) The livestream went off without a hitch last year.

It didn’t this year.

Halfway through the show, the censors at ABC and Disney cut the live broadcast feed to Crowder’s livestream. The censors at ABC claimed Crowder was violating copyright laws to their broadcast.

Really? There were many other livestreams across many other platforms, but none of their livestreams were shut down.

Geeze, I wonder if this has something to do with the show’s conservative viewpoints?

I am going to go with — yes.

Why the change of heart from ABC? Last year there were no issues. Maybe it had something to do with Crowder’s large audience, and the fact that he was poking fun at the sanctimonious celebrities during the ceremony.

Crowder has vowed to take the fight to ABC and YouTube. He tweeted, “Disney/ABC hit us with a bogus copyright strike because the stream got too big. We will not go gentle into that good night. Tomorrow, a war begins.”

Crowder has been in constant battle with the social media powers that be. They have censored his show on many occasions, and YouTube has denied him from making money on many of his videos.

I wonder how many liberal comedians have been censored on their platform?

I am going to go out on a limb and say — not many.

Crowder is just one in a long line of conservatives censored by the social media gestapo.

Prager University, an online conservative educational video site, has been targeted by Facebook and YouTube. Prager U had nine of its posts reach zero people — despite having three million Facebook followers.

Coincidence? I think not.

Facebook also deleted two Prager U videos that they deemed “hate speech.”

According to the social media gestapo: Hate speech = conservative speech.

Prager U also has been targeted by YouTube. YouTube has censored 50 of their videos for “hate speech.” Prager U sued YouTube, but the case was thrown out of court.

Prager U was silenced for providing accurate informational videos to teach young people factual information that they aren’t taught in schools.

But is that hate speech?

If our schools did their job and didn’t teach with a leftist bias, then there would be no need for sites like Prager U.

Dave Rubin has the audacity to interview conservative figures on his show called the “Rubin Report.” He has had his show censured and demonetized for having conservative guests on. Shows featuring Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Thomas Sowell were all censured. (Thomas Sowell is a black economist, but he is a conservative, so he doesn’t count as a black man according to the left.)

These instances of conservative censorship don’t represent a fraction of the total instances of censorship imposed by the social media gestapo.

It’s not a big secret that these companies are dominated by leftists.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, admitted as much in his testimony to Congress last year. He said, “(Facebook) is an extremely left-leaning place…” but he tries to make sure his firm doesn’t “have bias in the work that we do.”

You better try harder, Zuckerberg.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, admitted that his company was left-leaning as well. He said, “We need to constantly show that we are not adding our own bias, which I fully admit is … more left-leaning.”

You better try harder, Dorsey.

Google also has been caught censoring conservatives. Their “Google News” site has been known to overwhelmingly post articles from mostly left-leaning sites. And last year an employee was fired for writing a memo that they considered not “woke” enough.

Former Google Engineer, James Damore, was fired from his position in 2017 for writing a memo that criticized the company’s diversity efforts and argued that the low number of women in engineering positions was a result of biological differences.

Oh, no! How dare he say that there are differences between men and women.

Hate speech!
Damore has since sued Google for workplace discrimination, claiming that Google is biased against white men with conservative views.

I would say so…

Conservatives being censored online is just another play in the leftist handbook. To them the ends justify the means, even if it means silencing the opposition.

The left is openly advocating for silencing conservative speech. Law professors Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic say that banning offensive speech is necessary to “protect the dignity and self-regard” of minority groups.

That is just another way of saying that conservative speech is “triggering” liberals, and they need to be protected from having their feelings hurt.

The culture war rages on. Social media is at the forefront of the battle to destroy conservatives. And it doesn’t appear they will retreat anytime soon.