The impeachment hearings are finally over…at least for now.

The Democrat impeachment inquisition will continue after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Congress is on recess until the beginning of December.

Thank God!

I am sure I speak for many of you when I say that we are exhausted by hours upon hours, days upon days of nonstop impeachment hearings.

It has sucked the political life out of many of us, and this Congressional break couldn’t come at a better time.

We all need time to recover from the “Schiff Show.”

We’ve heard lengthy testimonies from 12 witnesses over the past two weeks.

The Democrats called nearly all the witnesses. The Republicans were denied most of the witnesses that they wanted to call by Emperor Adam Schiff.

These past two weeks have demonstrated that the Democrats don’t care about the Constitution and the due process guarantees in the Bill of Rights.

They claim that they care about the Constitution. That is laughable. If they did, they would let the president defend himself and allow the Republicans to call witnesses.

The Democrats only care about the Constitution when it benefits their objectives.

This week, the witnesses that testified were not able to tie President Trump directly to ordering that aid be withheld from the Ukrainians unless they investigated the Bidens.

Sure, they had many witnesses who claimed that they were under the “impression” that Trump ordered the aid be withheld for political reasons, but that isn’t good enough evidence to impeach a president.

However, let’s be real: they are going to impeach him anyway.

These hearings have never been about impartially finding facts; these have been a Democrat show intended to sway public opinion.

However, if that was their goal, they have failed to convince the American public.

The latest polls taken show that Americans haven’t been convinced by the Democrats’ narrative on display at the public hearings.

The Hill reported, “The latest national poll from Emerson College finds 45 percent oppose impeaching President Trump, against 43 percent who support it. That’s a 6-point swing from October, when 48 percent of voters supported impeachment and only 44 percent opposed.

More importantly, the poll shows more independents now oppose impeachment than support it, a significant change from Emerson’s polling in October. The new poll found 49 percent oppose impeachment compared to 34 percent who support it. In October, 48 percent of independents polled supported impeachment, against 39 percent who opposed.

Since October, Emerson has found Trump’s job approval rating jump by 5 points, from 43 percent to 48 percent.”

So far, the impeachment proceedings have boomeranged back on the Democrats. Trump has been able to turn these hearings into a net positive. His approval ratings have gone up and his campaign has been raising barrels of cash.

The Democrats have always wanted to impeach Trump. From the day he was elected, this has been their goal.

They saw an opening here but they overplayed their hand.

The only thing these hearings have shown is that Rudy Giuliani was acting out of turn.

I am a Rudy Giuliani fan, don’t get me wrong. He was a great mayor of New York City, but I have no idea what in the world he was up to in Ukraine.

However, Donald J. Trump is president of the United States, not Rudy Giuliani.

After the Thanksgiving recess, the impeachment process will be turned over to the House Judiciary Committee led by Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Nadler is another Congressman who has been obsessed with impeaching Trump since he was elected.

His committee will draw up the articles of impeachment against President Trump then likely early next year there will be a trial in the Senate in which Trump will NOT be removed from office.

Then the Democrats will have to drum up a new controversy to impeach the president.