President Trump is an American citizen. I know, shocking, right?

His rights are the same as any other American in this country. He is not above the law, but he also isn’t below it.

That’s why Trump has as much right to shield his tax returns from public scrutiny as the next person. If you can require the president’s tax returns to be made public, then what is to stop Congress or the IRS from compelling the same from you or me?

Since he announced his run for President in 2015, the Democrats and the media have whined about the president not revealing his tax returns to the public or Congress.

He has every right to protect his private tax information, just like any other citizen.

The House Democrats have issued a subpoena for Trump’s tax returns, a case that has been appealed to the Second Court of Appeals which announced its decision on Tuesday.

It wasn’t a positive ruling for President Trump. The appeals court ruled in favor of the House Dems’ efforts to subpoena Trump’s financial records.

In America, the government is supposed to show “probable cause” to obtain private information from an American citizen.

However, the activist judges on the nations federal courts often disagree with this and they violate the very Constitution they are sworn to protect and defend.

The Second Court of Appeals has ruled that President Trump must turn over his financial records to the House Finance and Intelligence committee.

This is nothing but a fishing expedition on the part of the Democrats. They don’t know what they are looking for, but they’re just hoping to find something to latch onto. They are just going to subpoena the documents and find supporting evidence later.

Don’t let them fool you.

The Hill reported, “Deutsche Bank and Capital One must comply with a House subpoena seeking a broad range of financial documents related to President Trump and his businesses, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday.

A three-judge panel of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday ruled 2-1 in favor of ordering ‘prompt compliance’ with the subpoenas from the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees.”

The report continued: The subpoenas are part of a congressional probe into the president’s dealings with Deutsche Bank, which is reportedly being investigated for its role in a $200 billion money-laundering scheme involving Russia.

Judges Jon Newman, who was appointed by former President Jimmy Carter, and Peter Hall, a George W. Bush appointee, joined for the majority decision. Judge Debra Ann Livinston, another Bush appointee, issued a partial dissent.

The ruling is the latest blow to the president’s efforts to fight off congressional oversight of his business dealings and personal finances.

The Second Circuit and the D.C. Circuit have both ruled that Trump’s accounting firm must comply with separate subpoenas from the Manhattan district attorney and House investigators. The president has asked the Supreme Court to intervene in some of those cases.

And Trump’s lawyers have already suggested appealing this decision to the high court.”

The Democrats will not rest until every leaf has been turned over in the search for the missing piece in their impeachment pipe dream.

Nothing will stop them, the Bill of Rights be damned…

God help us if they get their way.