That sound you heard was a giant hole being blown in the Democrats’ impeachment narrative.

Round one of the impeachment inquisition was completed last week. After eleven witnesses and hours of testimony, the Democrats are no closer to proving that President Trump committed an impeachable offense.

The Democrats—led by Adam Schiff—picked the witnesses that testified and denied most of the witnesses that the Republicans on the committee had requested.

The Dems picked witnesses that were friendly to their narrative and who they thought would convince the American people that the president needs to be impeached.

However, the polls are showing the public is losing enthusiasm for impeachment, not gaining it.

It appears that the Adam Schiff-orchestrated production failed to reach the hearts and minds of the crucial independent voters.

Last week, following the conclusion of the impeachment hearings, The Hill reported, “The latest national poll from Emerson College finds 45 percent oppose impeaching President Trump, against 43 percent who support it. That’s a 6-point swing in support from October, when 48 percent of voters supported impeachment and only 44 percent opposed.

More importantly, the poll shows more independents now oppose impeachment than support it, a significant change from Emerson’s polling in October. The new poll found 49 percent oppose impeachment compared to 34 percent who support it. In October, 48 percent of independents polled supported impeachment, against 39 percent who opposed.”

It looks like the stage production of the Trump Impeachment Hearings won’t be winning any Tony Awards this year.

However, then again, most stage actors are liberals, so you never know.

Despite holding closed-door depositions that were selectively leaked by the Dems and preventing Republicans from calling witnesses, the Dems impeachment narrative is falling apart.

A newly-released transcript of the closed-door deposition of an Office of Management and Budget official takes a sledgehammer to the Dems impeachment story.

Mark Sandy, an official at the OMB, told the committee behind closed doors that the OMB was instructed to withhold aid to Ukraine because President Trump was concerned that other countries were not contributing enough to Ukraine.

This is consistent with Trump’s known disdain for foreign aid. The Dems claim that he was withholding aid as political leverage to force the Ukrainians to investigate the Bidens. However, according to Sandy’s testimony, the real reason is more likely to be the former than the latter.

Sandy was given this information by a political appointee at OMB named Michael Duffey.

The media will likely downplay his statements, so the following is the relevant portion of Sandy’s testimony so you can read it for yourself:

Question: “At any point in time, from the moment that you walked into the [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] to anytime in history, had Mr. Duffey ever provided to you a reason why the president wanted to place a hold on security assistance?”

Sandy: “I recall in early September an email [from Mike Duffey] that attributed the hold to the President’s concern about other counties not contributing money to Ukraine.”

Question: “Was this the first time that you heard that the hold might be about some sort of concern that other countries are not providing sufficient support to Ukraine?”

Sandy: “We had received information requesting…We had received requests for additional information on what other countries were contributing to Ukraine.”

Granted, Sandy’s testimony doesn’t provide first-hand knowledge of the situation; he didn’t hear the order directly from President Trump or Mick Mulvaney, however, not one single witness from the Democrats heard directly from the president either.

Isn’t it interesting that the Democrats called witnesses that benefitted them while, at the same time, prevented witnesses like Sandy from testifying?

The hypocrisy is palpable in D.C., but that’s nothing new.

If true, Sandy’s testimony puts the final nail in the coffin of the Democrats’ impeachment story.

But knowing how the Dems operate, they’ll just keep going. I guess we’ll find out after Thanksgiving.