In 1998, the nation was gripped by the hateful killing of Matthew Shepard, a gay man who was beaten, robbed and burned alive. Two decades later, Jussie Smollett desecrates the seriousness of this attack with a hate-crime hoax.

His lies prove one thing: The modern left only have reverence for their own party.

This case epitomizes the left: Facts get in the way, and victimhood is king.

The media can’t resist the urge to pump out anti-Trump propaganda. It doesn’t matter if a narrative trivializes ACTUAL hate or past struggles for basic human dignity — orange man: bad.

This is the same media that churned out a false narrative about the Covington High School kids and Justice Kavanaugh — these are the real victims.

Much like the riots after the Kavanaugh hearing, things could have escalated quickly.

The REGGRESIVE left is willing to disturb the peace if it means they can take a shot at Trump.

I am an openly gay and conservative American.

I am disturbed and offended by this bigot’s plan. I am constantly attacked for daring to be a conservative. I deeply support conservative values, the Republican Party and President Trump. This liar’s story has made my struggle that much harder. He has cheapened the actual brutality inflicted on people like Matthew Shepard.

Jussie Smollett captured the attention of the America public on January 29. He claimed he was attacked at 2 a.m. near his Chicago apartment. The alleged attackers were “white men wearing red Make America Great Again hats.” They reportedly shouted racist and homophobic slurs at Smollett and put a noose around his neck before fleeing.

It is now known that Jussie paid two Nigerian brothers to beat him up. They are on video buying the rope used for the noose and have testified before a grand jury admitting their guilt. Jussie has surrendered himself to police.

A few weeks before the alleged attack, he sent himself a hateful letter with white powder in it. A hazmat unit was called to the Empire star’s home. Jussie was upset that this event did not get more coverage. This was the motivation for the hoax.

While the walls were closing in on this hateful saga, many on the left have stated that they wanted the attack to be true. They have come out hoping that a hate crime had occurred.

This is the state of the leftist media.

Trump, who popularized “Make America Great Again” as his 2016 campaign slogan, has been working closely with the ambassador to Germany — an openly gay man.

Together, on the same day, Jussie was taken into custody; they launched a worldwide initiative to legalize homosexuality. Even that was viewed as a move of hate by the left.

Jussie Smollett, you’re not only a liar, but you’re an anti-America bigot and criminal who should do hard time for your crimes!

You are now the poster child for today’s intolerant and immoral Democrat Party. You have succeeded in one thing for sure: exposing the truth. The truth of racism, bigotry and hate; being propagated by the regressive leftist mob in America.

Your hoax backfired: You have only made things worse. Now men like me will suffer the consequences.


Contributing Author:

John Paul, CEO of Grand Opportunity Party USA