Is there a bigger hypocrite than a liberal?

Probably not…

In fact, Webster’s should insert a picture of Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders next to the definition of “hypocrite” in their dictionary.

They love to point out everything that those on the right do.

They love to point their fingers and try to shame those same people into obscurity — if not actively try to destroy their life or livelihood in the process.

Yet, when one of their own gets caught in the act, there’s forgiveness beyond comprehension.

Alec Baldwin literally punches somebody over a parking spot, and the left barely bats an eye.

Yet Roseanne Barr calls former Obama aide Valerie Jarret “Planet of the Apes” — without knowledge she’s black — and the left unites to get her kicked off her own show.

It’s actually crazy.

Now, the one place you’d think the left would be “fair” about would be women and women’s rights — especially in the age of the “#MeToo” movement.

But you’d be wrong.

You see, the left doesn’t care about your rights if you’re a conservative — regardless of whether you’re a man or woman.

If you’re not “one of them” — you either deserve what happened to you — or what you say happened to you didn’t happen at all.

That you’re a liar…

They just hate everything that’s conservative, and worse…

They target them.

Some of their favorite targets are two of the most prominent conservative women in Washington, D.C. today — Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Melania Trump.

With these two women liberal’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

With Sarah Sanders — they’re on her for her looks — so much so that it’s sometimes painful to hear or see, if these walking brain trusts decide to make a meme.

Like the time, comedian Michelle Wolf compared Sanders to a dowdy, frumpy character from a Hulu show:

“I have to say I’m a little starstruck. I love you as Aunt Lydia in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ Mike Pence, if you haven’t seen it, you would love it.”

Or when former funny man and now crazed-artist Jim Carrey drew a horrendous picture saying he caught the “essence” of Sanders. Look it up and see how grotesque it is for yourself.

If you look online, you’ll see all kinds of words used to describe her from liberals.

“Heifer, cow, ugly, fat, portly, porcine” … and that was just from one simple Google search.

This isn’t from just regular people — these are from some mainstream media outlets!

Body shaming, look shaming — apparently that’s only a bad thing if you’re a liberal.

Very rarely do you see her described as smart, succinct, brave and powerful or anything else complimentary — as she’s all these things and more.

It’s a shame.

Do you remember what would happen when anybody said anything derogatory about Michelle Obama?

They were run out on a rail.

#MeToo? Yeah, right…

And what they do to Melania isn’t any better. In fact, when it come to the #MeToo movement…

It couldn’t be worse!

The left’s favorite thing to do is to bring up Melania’s past nude modeling pictures. Saying things like, “How can this be our First Lady?” or in a mocking, sarcastic tone, “Yeah … THIS is class?”

In the #MeToo movement — this is regarded as “slut shaming” — and again, it must only be bad if it happens to a liberal.

What’s amazing is that if Melania was a democrat instead, the left would have embraced her in their hate cocoon so nobody could touch her.

Think about it…

A female immigrant who worked her way up the modeling ladder — learning five languages in the process — to become one of the most powerful women on the planet?

She’d be the liberal’s poster child…

Feminists would worship her…

But she’s a conservative, so they do and say things that would be derided if it was somebody from the right doing it to a liberal.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds…

And it’s high time we started fighting this hypocrisy by pointing it out.

The once silent majority is getting sick and tired of the double standards, and it’s only a matter of time until our collective conservative voice will be heard.

They’ll all see in 2020…