Google is a tech company that is full of employees who are on the political Left. That’s not shocking news.

They are also a company that is censoring conservative speech with increasing frequency. They are determined to root out all microaggressions on their platforms.

For those of you that don’t know, a microaggression is defined as “a comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group (such as a racial minority.)”

Google preaches diversity, but they certainly don’t defend diversity of thought.

In 2017, Google fired employee James Damore for publishing a memo that outlined his views on gender differences and how they affect females in the tech industry. The memo, which was leaked to the media, also described Damore’s view that Google users didn’t have the ability to express opinions that differed from the liberal status-quo.

At the time, The New York Times wrote “His 10-page memo, titled ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,’ argued that personality differences between men and women-like a woman having a lower tolerance for stress—help explain why there were fewer women in engineering and leadership roles at the company. He said efforts by the company to reach equal representation of women in technology and leadership were unfair, divisive, and bad for business.”

Of course, The New York Times put their spin on the story, but you get the point.

Now we are beginning to see the internal workings of Google’s Thought Police. Yesterday, the Daily Caller published a story in which they obtained an internal newsletter that documents the tech giant’s effort to censor speech.

The Daily Caller reported that “the newsletters provide insights into both genuinely troubling human resources issues and the prevalence of Left-wing discourse with the company. Most items were submitted by Googlers.”

They then went on to document multiple cases of Googlers complaining about microaggressions.

A few of my favorites include an employee who was triggered by the use of incorrect gender pronouns.

I kid you not.

The employee wrote “The pride TGIF speakers didn’t say their pronouns like they did last year, and it generally seemed like trans people were pretty much forgotten about in public discussions.

Another complaint detailed how an employee was offended by the use of the words “respect” and “civility.”

Apparently, those words are offensive now. That’s news to me.

The employee wrote, “I’m frustrated that the yes-at-Google editors are talking about ‘civil’ rather than ‘respectful’ discourse as the goal. I’ve had many incredibly disrespectful things said to me that were perfectly civil in tone, and had my own tone, and had my own tone policed as ‘uncivil’ when I responded in frustration. Propagating the notion that we need to be ‘civil’ to each other at work, rather than ‘respectful’ is a recipe for people being tone-policed, or baited with provocations into being punished, with nothing happening to the person engaging in the provocation.”

Oh, come on. Seriously? The world is full of snowflakes now. Grow up.

There was also a complaint filed that Google was biased against rapper Cardi B.


Answer: She used to be a stripper.

The complaint alleges that “a leadership-level manager asked that product screenshots not include images of rapper Cardi B, because she used to be a stripper…It felt like Cardi B was singled out because she is a woman (who used to work in a profession that is 100% legal and who has never been arrested). This felt uncomfortably like sexism and classism baked into our product.”

Welcome to 21st Century America, where liberal snowflakes melt under the California sun.