The Left has taken over the nation’s educational system. That should come as no surprise.

Our public schools and universities are dominated by liberal faculty and their personal opinions supersede the facts that they should be teaching.

On top of that, the government-instituted curriculum—known as “Common Core”—has further disintegrated the success of students. Two-thirds of students are NOT proficient in basic reading skills, and a growing number are performing poorly on the ACT and are not ready for college.

On campuses, Democrats outnumber Republican professors by a 10-to-1 margin across the U.S.

According to a study by Brooklyn College professor Mitchell Langbert, Democrats have a 70-to-1 ratio over Republicans in religious studies; 33-to-1 in music; 21-to-1 in biology; in philosophy, history, and psychology, it is 17-to-1. In political science, it is 8-to-1.

Now, even the children’s literature industry is going full-on Social Justice Warrior.

Earlier in the year, Dr. Seuss books were deemed racist and not-diverse enough for the SJWs

Not diverse enough?

Once could argue Seuss was one of the most diverse writers ever to put pen to paper!

Think about it.

Dr. Seuss’ characters were very diverse. His characters included green people (The Grinch), red people (Thing 1 and Thing 2), yellow people (Sam I Am), brown people (Mr. Brown), and a black-and-white cat (The Cat in the Hat), among countless others.

In a study published earlier in the year in the journal “Research on Diversity in Youth Literature,” (yes, this is an actual academic journal, seriously) researchers Katie Ishizula and Ramon Stephens found that only 2% of human characters in Seuss’ books were people of color.

The study goes on to state that many of his characters were racist stereotypes.

I am so glad they took the time to analyze all his books to contribute this knowledge to the world.

Also, what is with the Left’s obsession with race? They seem to see everything through the prism of a person’s—or fake cartoon’s—skin color.

Maybe they are the racist ones?

Just a thought.

If Dr. Seuss books have to go, then what about “Huckleberry Finn”? Mark Twain uses the N-word over 200 times.

Burn it!

“To Kill a Mockingbird” uses the N-word, and many characters treat African Americans negatively throughout the book.

Burn it!

“Moby Dick” features a character speaking in stereotypical black dialect.

Burn it!

All these stories — and many other great works of literature — feature characters who fit racist stereotypes. However, the characters in these stories are called by hateful names to make a point — a point many in the teacher’s pet-mob missed.

The point of these stories is to highlight the evils of racism and bigotry. They are meant to be books that teach us moral lessons.

Dr. Seuss’ books teach kids moral virtues. They highlight the ugly aspects of human nature, and show kids how to overcome them and do the right thing.

The children’s book industry is chock-full of committed Leftists who see it at as their duty as publishers to indoctrinate the youth of our nation.

Writing for the Federalist, a writer who worked in the children’s book industry for years described the industry like this:

“Much of the current offerings published recently aren’t about helping children see themselves in a book but indoctrinating children into a particular political and ideological persuasion. The message being sent to children is that all of the world’s ills can be fixed if they turn on to activism.”

Yes, because that is what kids need to be when they are young.

What happened to just letting kids be kids?

Here is a small sampling of the titles of children’s books that preach Social Justice: Resistance 101: A Lesson on Social Justice Activists and Strategies; Amanda the Teen Activist; Girls Resist; Wake Rise Resist; Rethinking Schools: The Green New Deal; Greta’s Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez From A to Z; and My First Book of Feminism.

That is just a small sampling of what kids are being forced to read these days.

Conservatives need to pay attention to what the Left is teaching kids. If we don’t, our country will become a bastion of Liberalism when these kids become adults.