If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wondering why the Left keeps bringing up “Jim Crow” (or in Sleepy Joe’s case, “Jim Eagle”) when talking about the voting bills that have been circulating in both state and federal legislatures.

I couldn’t, for the life of me, comprehend how the Left could ever connect what is going on now in regards to voters’ rights to one of the most racist eras in our country’s history.

In fact, I still can’t.

Now, I get WHY they’re doing it.

They’re trying to get the public to believe that the Republican Party is trying to oppress minorities and other marginalized peoples by NOT changing the current voting laws (non-oppressive laws, by the way) that are currently in effect throughout the country.

However, like most things that come from the Left, I’m having trouble understanding their logic.

See, Jim Crow laws (so named after a Black minstrel show character called “Jumping Jim Crow”) were a collection of state and local statutes that legalized racial segregation and a whole lot worse.

These laws were explicitly meant to marginalize Black Americans by denying them the right to vote, hold certain jobs, get a quality education, or access other opportunities that should be afforded to every American.

What’s worse is that those who defied Jim Crow laws were often arrested, fined, and given unfair jail sentences by the legal system—and oftentimes visited with violence or even death from outside the legal system.

The laws themselves came into existence after the Civil War and lasted until the late 1960s, at which point Republicans pushed back against them hard and were instrumental in orchestrating the proverbial “beginning of the end” of Jim Crow when they championed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The Left Forgets – The Fought To KEEP Jim Crow

In fact, the GOP was championing Civil Rights years before Democrats hid their racist beginnings and then (successfully) rewrote history to make it seem like their side were the saviors of the Black man in America.

They weren’t.

In fact, if you look at the percentage of Democrat Congressman who voted FOR the Civil Rights Act as compared to the Republican Congressman who voted for it, it wasn’t even close—even with the Dems far outnumbering the GOP at the time.

However, the Left is resurrecting this terminology to try and paint the GOP as “racist” for wanting to ensure that every American voter is ACTUALLY an American voter simply by keeping voter ID laws we have currently.

You have to ask yourself: why would the Dems want to do away with voter ID laws?

Well, the obvious answer is so they can cheat.

If you don’t have to ID voters, anybody can cast a ballot, thereby nullifying the single most important right that an American has: the right to vote for their representatives.

Being a legal citizen would no longer be a necessity…and that’s something that needs to be addressed.

You, like many Americans, are probably wondering exactly how voter ID laws could EVER be considered “racist”—and the answer will more than likely make you chuckle because it actually exposes the Left’s own racism and bias against minorities.

The Lack Of Logic Behind Liberal’s Argument

Their reasoning?

Well, according to Democrats and Libs, not everybody has access or the ability to get an ID card—especially those in the inner city—and requiring these people to have an ID is racially insensitive at best and full-on racist at worst.

Of course, when you point out that Americans of EVERY color need identification to drive, open a bank account, cash a check, get a job, get a credit card, get a loan, get onto an airplane, get into bars and many other establishments, check out a book at the library, and so many other things, a Leftist will tend to say, “Well, those people don’t have the money to do it, or they can’t read, or don’t know how to operate a computer to get these things done.”


Could these people be any more racist? How is it not offensive to assume that inner-city people are poor, illiterate, and technologically inept due to the color of their skin or where they live?

This is why Malcolm X was so adamant in his warnings about White Liberals.

He saw through their veneer of lies and fake compassion and called them what they truly were: racists who were just looking to use minorities to gain or hold power.

But DAMN do they know how to spin a story to elicit emotion from ignorant Americans that fall for their charade.

So, that’s why they’re resurrecting the language of Jim Crow.

They’re trying to use emotion to cloud logic and make the world see something that isn’t there.

The voters’ rights laws that the GOP is passing around aren’t about oppression.

It’s all about ensuring the integrity of our elections.

The Left can’t fight it with logic, so they use emotion…

Keep that in mind whenever you hear the word mentioned – and then look to see who’s using it.

Odds are, it’s a Liberal…

And they’re hungry for power.


“The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state.” – Thomas Sowell