Sometimes a story comes along that is so good you just have to let it do the talking for you. As a writer, that is a difficult task, but the following story is so unbelievable that a Hollywood studio executive would run you out of their office for even suggesting it.

Before I begin, I will set the stage for what is to follow.

Carlos Ghosn is the former chairman of Nissan. He was arrested in Japan in April for a variety of financial crimes.

Ghosn has been under house arrest and 24-hour surveillance ever since. That is, until now. Ghosn escaped from house arrest in the most unbelievable way.

Here is how the Guardian reported Ghosn’s great escape:

“Carlos Ghosn reportedly fled his Japanese home in a musical instrument case, in an audacious Hollywood movie-style escape masterminded by his wife with the assistance of a Gregorian music band and a team of ex-special forces officers.

The escape began when the musicians arrived at Ghosn’s Tokyo residence where he had been living under strict bail conditions that included 24-hour camera surveillance, according to the Lebanese TV news channel MTV.

At the end of the performance, as the musicians packed up their instruments, Ghosn – whose height is stated at 1.7m, or just under 5ft 6in, in his Wikipedia entry – apparently slipped into one of the larger cases and was taken to a small local airport.

A private plane was waiting to whisk the former corporate titan to Istanbul, Turkey. From there he appears to have boarded a Bombardier Challenger private jet for a flight to Lebanon, where he arrived before dawn on Monday. The flight path recorded by plane tracking site FlightRadar shows the jet disappears at 4.16 am, just as it approached Beirut-Rafic Hariri international airport.

Ricardo Karam, a Lebanese television host and friend of Ghosn who has interviewed him several times, confirmed Ghosn arrived in Lebanon on Monday morning. “He is home,” Karam said. “It’s a big adventure.”

Told you this was a crazy story. Easily the best story of 2020 so far, and we’re only two days into the year!

In the greatest understatement of 2020, Ghosn’s Japanese attorney said, “If this escape is true, we have to assume that this is a breach of bail conditions. His act is unforgivable and a betrayal of Japan’s justice system.”

Geez, you think?

I am pretty sure that that is a breach of bail in any judicial system, including Japan’s.

Ghosn has a may have a slight foible in his character, but this story is too good to ignore.

I am sure that Hollywood will be purchasing the rights to this story soon, and for good reason.