What do suitcases, a stolen truck trailer, and electronic voting machines all have in common?

Simple: they were used to commit voter fraud.

The media continues to lie and say there is “no evidence” of massive voter fraud across the country. If you have been reading FreedomWire lately (and you should be), you would know that there is a Japanese-scroll-length list of instances of voting fraud, and binders full of affidavits from people who saw it happen. We are beyond the stage where these stories can be called voting “irregularities.” This is fraud, pure and simple.

In Georgia, suitcases full of ballots were hidden under a table at a vote counting center and were taken out from hiding by center officials only after most of the other vote-counters were told to go home.

Conservative comedian and podcast host Steven Crowder uploaded a newly-discovered video of the incident.

Seems worthy of investigation, doesn’t it? If only we had a free press where journalists could do some digging and get to the truth. Sadly, the free press is dead in America.

President Trump’s lawyers presented video footage of the suitcase caper to the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on Thursday.

Just the News reported the following about the hearing:

“At about 10, Pick [A Trump Lawyer] said, ‘there was one person working the polls who told everyone in the room to leave, on the basis that they were going to stop counting and return at 8:30 in the morning.’

The video, Pick said, subsequently appears to depict ‘four people [who] stay behind and continue counting and tabulating well into the night … unobserved, unsupervised,’ until about one in the morning.

At one point, she alleged, the footage apparently depicts workers pulling ‘suitcases of ballots’ from underneath a table following the departure of the rest of the poll workers.’

‘What are these ballots doing there, separate from all the other ballots?” Pick asked during the hearing. ‘And why are they only counting them when the place is cleared out with no witnesses?’”

If that wasn’t bizarre enough, check this one out. In Pennsylvania, a truck trailer full of over 100,000 ballots was stolen.

You read that right. A trailer full of ballots was stolen two weeks before the election!

Once again, no evidence here. Carry on with your day.

PJ Media reported “On Tuesday, a truck driver testified that he had driven thousands of ballots from Bethpage, N.Y., to Lancaster, Pa., two weeks before Election Day. Phill Kline, a former attorney general of Kansas and director of The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, said The Amistad Project has corroborated the truck driver’s story.”

The truck driver, Phil Kline, then went onto say, “I then drove to Lancaster, unhooked my trailer in its normal place, and then drove my truck to where I always park it,” he recalled. “The next day, it just got weirder. As I arrived at Lancaster… my trailer was gone, not there anymore.”

In Michigan, a witness who was a contractor for Dominion voting machines testified to the Michigan legislature that she witnessed the same ballots being counted as many as 10 times at a vote counting location in downtown Detroit.

One witness who testified was a contractor for the much-maligned Dominion voting machines. The contractor, Melissa Carone, was working the polling site at the now infamous TCF Center in downtown Detroit.

Just the News reported, “Carone testified that on Election Day, the vote tabulating machines would jam up to three times an hour. When the machines would jam, election officials were supposed to reset the count on the machines to ensure that no ballots were scanned more than once, explained the witness.

‘Instead of discarding, they were just rescanning, rescanning, rescanning. Counting ballots nine to 10 times,’ Carone said. She also said there were more than 20 tabulating machines at her ballot counting center.

The ballots were meant to be counted in batches of 50, though, Carone noted that she observed the tabulation count climb well into the hundreds multiple times throughout the day.”

This is just one of several firsthand accounts of issues with the Dominion voting systems across the country. This is far from an isolated occurrence.

As the evidence continues to pile up, the Electoral College clock continues to tick. There are only eight days until the states convene to cast their electoral votes.

It is time for the Supreme Court to take up the case before it’s too late…