With Liberals boycotting Goya for the CEO’s remarks about Trump, has cancel culture gone too far?

In this episode, Shawn, Connor, and Ryan discuss the Liberal efforts to boycott Goya, a Latino-owned food company, after the CEO praised Trump for his leadership. The Left claims to stand for minority communities, so why are they comfortable attacking a Hispanic company?

But on the bright side, the boycott has backfired horribly so far. Goya’s sales are going through the roof, and their social media has gotten over 100,000 new followers in less than a week. This looks like a win for the silent majority…but the time for silence is ending.

The team also discusses the failings of the Republican establishment and how the Right needs to start holding the Left responsible for their bullying and their radical ideas. It’s not enough to be quiet—now is the time to be active!

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