Around the world, Christianity is coming under attack. From the desecration of Christian graves to all-out genocide — no religion has come under attack like this since the Holocaust. What is prompting this attack? Even more, can this disturbing trend be stopped?

Here’s an inconvenient truth that many on the Left refuse to acknowledge…

Did you know that Christians and Christianity are the most persecuted religious group on the world?

It’s true…

Just as true as almost 100,000 Christians were murdered for their beliefs every single year.

Non-believers will scoff at this number, but if you look at the world wide numbers of those killed and persecuted by other religions, you’ll be both horrified and shocked.

What is prompting this violence?

Christianity, the religion of hope and love, has enemies on all sides, but none are more fervent in their hatred than the extremist followers of Islam.

There have been some estimations of up to 17% of all Muslims are extremists or radicalized…

If that’s accurate, it means that there are over a quarter of a BILLION extremists ready to inflict harm, injury or death on anything that doesn’t jibe with their own system of beliefs.

Two hundred and fifty-five million people — that’s almost the population of the United States.

Why Christians Are Being Persecuted Now More Than Ever

The biggest fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam can be boiled down to one simple sentence: Christianity’s goal is to bring people to Christ through love, Islam’s goal is the eradication of all things NOT Islam.

But this isn’t the only thing that is taking its toll on Christ followers…

The liberal and political correctness culture has somehow come to view Christianity as “evil.” As something that is used to keep people down, under control and financially obligated.

We’ve all seen the mainstream’s shift away from Christianity toward a more agnostic — if not atheist — point of view.

Liberals want to separate Christianity from all forms of government, and constantly quote the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment — clucking like chickens, all chanting “separation of church and state.”

That’s a really tall order when you factor in that the United States was founded on Christian values and completely separating the government from those values would be like trying to separate the genetic instructions from your DNA.

It’s that woven that it is IMPOSSIBLE to completely purge the government of the values that have made America the most progressive country to ever exist.

But this persecution isn’t just an American problem…

Christianity is being attacked around the world.

The Global Offensive Against Christianity

Besides the mass genocide of Christians throughout the African continent…

In Indonesia, Christian graves are being targeted and desecrated by vandals empowered by the rise of extremist Islamism throughout the country.

If you remember, Indonesia is the same country where there are villages that strictly forbid non-Muslims from owning or tenting property.

But this isn’t the most surprising instance of Christian persecution…

Italy — the cradle of the Christian religion, the place where Catholicism was born — is giving in to this anti-Christian ideal as well…

As a town in Bologna has decided to cover crosses and other Christian symbols in their cemetery, in order to not offend the ceremonies of other religions or denominations.

Can you believe it?

Never would one have thought that Christianity could come under attack in a country where the religion, traditionally, has been so fiercely followed and defended…

But here we are.

Of course, desecrated and covered graves pale in comparison to the outright murder of Christians…

But it supports the rhetoric.

Inch by Precious Inch

The easiest way to tear a symbol down isn’t to attack it outright…

But to constantly chip away at it till it can no longer support itself.

Christianity seems to be enduring the “death by a thousand cuts…”

And if we don’t act now, the religion that has been credited with the rise of Western civilization — the religion of our founding fathers — could be in danger of being eradicated from the face of the earth.

If you think things are bad now…

If that happens, they’ll get even worse.

It’s time to stand up and quit allowing the disrespect of ANY religion, if Christianity is to respect Islam, then they are obligated to reciprocate.

If your town refuses to have a nativity scene during Christmas…

Make a stink. Write to your city managers. Write to your congressman. Write to your senator.

Your city wants to remove the “Ten Commandments” from their courthouse or property after getting pressure from some obscure leftist organization? Pressure them back — just harder.

We can stop this…

Both the world and America is BETTER because of religious diversity, and it would be a shame to lose one of the corner stones.


“The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: It connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.” – John Quincy Adams