“The destiny of the Latin community is interwoven with the destiny of the United States.”

A true statement…

But here’s the REAL truth of it: The same can be said about any and ALL cultural communities in the United States — Italian, African, Russian, Chinese, German … We could sit here and name every ethnic or cultural group that has found its way to America’s shores, but if there is one thing that we can say for certain…

It’s that these immigrants — and the generations that followed — are responsible for the truly making America the greatest country in the world.

To deny that is to deny the very thing that makes us American…

And while America is experiencing turmoil over immigration like it never has before, the fact remains … we need more LEGAL immigrants.

Like Donald Trump says: “I need people coming in because we need people to run the factories and plants and companies that are moving back in. We need people.”

They just need to come in legally.

It’s no secret that the fastest-growing segment of immigrants in the United States are those of Hispanic descent, from several countries and cultures — many coming from Latin America.

While an overwhelming majority of liberal politicians immediately appeal to these people with a promise of free goods and services, they seem to forget that the Latin community doesn’t just want a free ride…

We’re a proud community and want to earn what we work for — not just have the keys to the kingdom handed to us.

Many of us are conservative to the bone and understand that the opportunity that America offers isn’t in what’s given for free, but what is worked and sacrificed for.

That is where Bienvenidos started, and why we brought our movement to D.C.

And as a young conservative Latino, I have to say … the entire experience was educational and empowering, while getting me pumped for the future.

Because after the event, it’s now clear that there are a lot more Latino conservatives than the liberals think — which will probably be their downfall.

The second day of Bienvenidos was one of excitement with an electric energy that started at 8:45 a.m. when all of the attendees met in a hotel lobby for the morning prayer.

Strangers held hands, reciting the same prayer: for God to put his healing hand on our damaged country, for guidance to our political leaders in office with the will to listen, and for individual strength and encouragement as the event started with a leap into the lion’s den — the U.S. Capitol building.

Multiple groups, separated by state — such as Florida, California, New York, and Texas — were led by the Bienvenidos team so that each group could walk to their state senator’s office to address issues and concerns that are facing both the Latino and conservative communities…

While also letting them know that the new wave of Latinos is tired of being ignored — or at least grouped in with the more liberal element of our communities.

Abraham Enriquez and Anna Paulina — the president and vice president of Bienvenidos — each led the movement all over D.C. However, in the capital, Anna had a goal in mind that she excitingly wanted to meet…

And that was to confront Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Anna expressed passionately how she feels for uber-liberal media sweetheart AOC, saying: “She does not speak nor express the values and views for the Latino community in this country.”

Now, keep in mind, Anna is not afraid to confront the hypocrisy from the Left. She is the same woman who confronted Kamala Harris about her horrendous policies while walking through an airport terminal two weeks ago.

Luckily for Alexandria, fate shined on her that day; their paths didn’t cross…

And the entire Bienvenidos organization can’t seem to wait till they do.

Instead of the anticipated confrontation, Abraham and Anna had a quick moment to meet, engage, and even get words of encouragement from Senator Rand Paul, who expressed his gratitude toward and admiration for this new organization.

From there, the entire Bienvenidos staff, attendees, speakers and media team all made their way to the White House.

The president and vice president of Bienvenidos got bombarded with interviews from multiple networks asking about the new movement and how they plan on impacting our community leading into 2020.

The interviews — with stations such as TheBlazeTV and Univision — were being held right on the front lawn of the White House as Abraham and Anna fielded questions about Venezuela, conservatism, Latino culture, and more.

With the interviews done and the cameras put away, the Bienvenidos Brigade made its way into the White House for a private briefing with only 100 to 150 of our 500 being allowed in…

And for a young, skateboarding, punk rock conservative…

Just being there was incredible. But what we got out of the briefing was even MORE incredible … Bienvenidos is now an OFFICIAL White House organization!

President Trump is going to lean on us to help him reach out to the Hispanic community for 2020…

And we’re going to do our best to wake up our community to the truth about the DNC and what they’re REALLY after — and how Trump is their BEST and most ardent ally in Washington.

To say we’re pumped would be an understatement…

But there were even BIGGER things to come from the Bienvenidos event — and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Stay tuned for more!