The “fake news” mob strikes again — this time against innocent high school students. The mainstream media will stop at nothing to advance the narrative that Trump supporters are inherently racist and bigoted regardless of their age or maturity level.

This weekend, a video went viral showing high school students from Covington Catholic School in Kentucky surrounding a Native American man playing a drum. The incident took place in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

The students were in town to participate in the March for Life, an event which was attended by 600,000 pro-life supporters. However, the March for Life received very little media coverage, despite the massive throng in attendance.

Jeez, I wonder if this has something to do with the leftist media’s support of abortion, and abhorrence for religious and pro-life advocates.
The video showed a Native American man playing a drum surrounded by a sea of MAGA hat- wearing high school students. The students surrounded the man and appeared to be verbally harassing the man due to his ancestry.

The video focused on a stare-down between a smiling student and the Native American. This now-iconic image has been seen millions of times online and on TV. The media has deemed this a symbolic image of the bigotry and anger of all Trump supporters toward minorities.

Because, if you support Trump, according to many on the left, you must be a closet racist.

The “fake news” mob jumped right into action, immediately condemning the students for their intolerance. CNN’s Reza Aslan tweeted the image and wrote: “Honest Question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” James Fallow of the Atlantic compared the teenagers to segregationists in Arkansas during the 1950s. CNN commentator Kirsten Powers tweeted that the students chanted “build the wall” at the man, implying that this was a code word amongst Trump supporters to attack anyone of another race.

Evidence has been shown that contradicts the rush to judgement of the media, but have you heard any retractions from the mainstream outlets? Of course not.

For the “fake news” mob, the ends justify the means. The mainstream media hates President Trump and his supporters. They will stop at nothing to derail his “America First” agenda — moral standards be damned!

They have repeatedly published false stories about President Trump’s supposed “collusion” with the Russians and have falsely claimed that he is a racist — and that he is akin to Adolph Hitler.

The media is trying to distract Americans from the great achievements of the Trump Administration.

They don’t want to give him credit for a booming economy, tax cuts, new respect on the world stage, a giant cut in job-killing regulations, withdrawing from the dangerous Obama-Iranian deal and Paris Climate Accord, and many other policy successes.

Instead, the media manufactures crises to paint our President as a racist and corrupt buffoon who is plunging our country into chaos and despotism. They still can’t accept that Donald Trump defeated “crooked” Hillary Clinton.

They threw everything — including the kitchen sink — at the president to prevent him from becoming President, and they have continued to do so in his presidency.

They despise all Trump supporters because they had the audacity to support a man who wasn’t a part of the D.C. establishment and would put the interests of the American people first.

The “fake news” mob are despicable liars. They are immoral cowards, who will unjustly attack high school students because their political beliefs differ from their own. They should be ashamed of themselves!

But, sadly, they aren’t ashamed. They have justified their immoral behavior as being necessary to advance their own agenda and take down the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

However, in 2016, the media underestimated the ability of voters in the “fly-over” states to see through the “fake news.”

Hopefully, they will do the same in 2020.